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  • Great Health Tip of the Day: National Hot Dog Day

    7 billion hot dogs are eaten annually between Memorial Day and Labor Day A hot dog will never be a...

    Posted July 23, 2014
  • Utah Melons!

    This week is melon mania at Harmons. For the last couple weeks, we’ve been going strong with...

    Posted July 22, 2014

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Did you know you can bookmark the Harmons mobile page on your phone to get to loads of information, ad specials, and access product ordering with just one touch? It looks just like an app and takes you straight to the Harmons mobile site.

On your iPhone:
1. Use your web browser to visit m.harmonsgrocery.com.
2. Tap the options button (arrow jumping out of the box) and select "Add to Home Screen."

On your Android:
1. Use your web browser to visit m.harmonsgrocery.com.
2. Open the browser “Bookmarks” screen and long-press the HarmonsGrocery.com bookmark.

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Recipe: Salmon Sticks w/ Red Pepper Dipping Sauce

Chef Kimberly shares some recipes kids will love to prepare themselves, like this Salmon Sticks with Red Pepper Dipping Sauce recipe!