Creminelli – Italy to Utah

October 27, 2010

Bob Harmon, VP for the Customer

Creminelli – Salumificio di Vigilant

This family business in the town of Biella is owned by the Creminelli family.  If that names sounds familiar it is.  Cristiano Creminelli makes the original salumi recipe in Salt Lake City and is the oldest son of Umberto and Maria Creminelli.  Maria and Umberto work daily in the production of this regional staple.  What we learned is the processed pigs arrive on Monday and the rest of the week is spent creating all different types of salumi.  The family lineage started making salumi in the 1700′s.  Commercially the family started offering their products in the second generation.  It’s known in the family that salumi never sleeps.  While they create the product daily it takes several days for the final product to be ready to eat.  We were lucky enough to sample some great varieties of what they had recently produced. Mama Creminelli wanted all of us to give Cristiano a big hug when we returned to the states.  It was evident of the love they share for family and the salumi they create.

View photos from Harmons visit to Creminelli in Italy