Food for Families

November 29, 2010

Did you know nearly 250,000 Utah residents are in need of emergency food assistance each year? Holidays seem to be especially tough times for many of our neighbors and food needs are even greater during this cold season. You can help local Utah families get through daily food insecurity struggles by purchasing pre-filled grocery bags. Throughout the end of the year, Harmons will supply Food for Families bags at every store location. These bags are filled with the most needed food items and are ready to be purchased and placed in Utah Food Bank barrels. For only $10 you can help the Utah Food Bank acquire essential food items for distribution to Utah families in need of food assistance. Thank you to Harmons’ generous customers for your continued support of contribution opportunities to the Utah Food Bank.

NUTS for Pistachios!

November 26, 2010
Derick in Produce

Derick, Produce Manager

The best pistachios I have ever eaten are grown right here in Utah.  Red Rock Pistachios grown in Hurricane, Utah by Bryce Thornberg are a local treat.  These pistachios have a sweeter and fresher taste then ones produced and stored all year long.  Come on in and taste why locally grown tastes so much better.

Thank You!

November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving turkeysThank you to all of the amazing Harmons customers who donated during Gift for A Gift . Your generosity helped in giving 8,000 Utah families a Thanksgiving turkey and meal.

You can still help fill the food needs of Utah families by purchasing a prefilled grocery bag. Food For Families bags are filled with essential food items and all donations go to the Utah Food Bank.

Light up your holidays

November 25, 2010

Carrie, Green Team Member

Happy Thanksgiving! For those who haven’t already started on your Christmas decorating, Thanksgiving Day is a time for many people to bring out the boxes of decorations and start hanging the lights. If it is time to replace those tangled strands of lights, consider switching to LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting and decorations. LED lights are a great alternative to traditional incandescent light because of their high energy efficiency, safety, durability, variety and long bulb life. While LED technology is not new, a lot of progress has been made in Christmas lighting and decor over the past few years to make LED lights more like the traditional lights we are used to. Innovations and improvements have lead to LED Christmas lights becoming more affordable and the long term benefits justify the cost.

Here are a just a few advantages of LED Christmas lighting: Continue Reading »

Thanksgiving Day – Stores open until 4PM

November 25, 2010

Title: Thanksgiving Day – Stores open until 4PM
Location: All Locations
Description: All Harmons store locations are open until 4pm on Thanksgiving Day.
Start Time: 06:00am
Date: 2010-11-25
End Time: 04:00pm

Have a delicious gluten free Thanksgiving meal

November 24, 2010
Dave, Gluten Free Advisor

Dave, Gluten Free Advisor

Thanksgiving is upon us once again, and to tell you the truth it can be a very trying time for someone on the gluten free diet. However, you can still have a safe and delicious Thanksgiving turkey dinner and dessert. Starting with the turkey, most brands are gluten free but if you want piece of mind Norbest turkey’s actually say gluten free on their label. Next, you cannot have a turkey dinner without stuffing, and our Healthy Living department sells several brands of gluten free bread that would work great for stuffing. If you decide not to make mashed potatoes from scratch, Potato Buds are gluten free and also say so on their label. To make the gravy for those mashed potatoes I have not found a gluten free turkey broth yet. You can substitute chicken broth and Pacific makes a very good chicken broth, also sold in Healthy Living. At long last lets talk about dessert. Grandpa’s Kitchen pie crust mix is very tasty and easy to use. Just follow the directions on the package, fill with your favorite filling, bake and enjoy.

Turkey tips

November 23, 2010
Al in Meat

Al, Meat Manager

Hello all it’s Al the meat guy here wishing you all a very Happy Turkey Day! Here are just a couple of helpful hints for your turkey. If you need a little help thawing your bird, remove the wrapper and put it in the sink with running COLD water. Run the cold water into the cavity of the bird, this helps thaw from the inside out. Remember to cook them to an internal temprature of 165 degrees. Have a great meal!

Puff Pastry Goodness

November 22, 2010
Chef Bob

Chef Bob

It’s been about 8 years since I have made puff pastry from scratch. With the Puff Pastry class coming in December, I figured I had better sharpen my skills. After taking the resulting croissants out of the oven, I remembered why I prefer freshly made puff pastry to frozen. About 976 paper thin buttery layers of baked goodness! I haven’t lost my touch.

Creminelli salami and holiday selections

November 19, 2010

Jan in Cheese Island

Jan, Cheesemonger

Hello all, Creminelli wild boar salami is in. This salami is wonderful. We also have a great selection of cheese and crackers for the holidays. A nice piece of Brie with Pepperlane jam and a fresh baked baguette from our artisan bakery are always a hit. So, stop in and see us for all your holiday needs.

Meet Cristiano Creminelli and ask about the wild boar salami during his book signing at Bangerter Crossing on Friday, November 19th from 5-7:00pm.

Cristiano Creminelli Book Signing

November 19, 2010

Title: Cristiano Creminelli Book Signing
Location: Harmons Bangerter Crossing
Link out: Event Invitation
Description: Join local salumi maker Cristiano Creminelli and author Tony Seichrist for a signing session of their book Meat.Salt.Time. Local cheese maker Beehive Cheese will also be on hand offering samples and answering your cheese questions.
Start Time: 05:00pm
Date: 2010-11-19
End Time: 07:00pm