17th Annual Special Olympics Utah Fundraiser

February 28, 2011

This year’s Frozen Food Month and Special Olympics Utah fundraiser was kicked off by a fun afternoon of bowling for Harmons associates and Special Olympics Utah athletes. The event not only provided a few hours of entertainment and bonding, but provided a good start to Harmons’ goal of raising $185,000 for Special Olympics Utah. Notice a fun accessory being worn in the photos? Read more below to learn what the beads are about.

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New items with new stores

February 28, 2011
Chef Bob

Chef Bob Bryant, Executive Chef

Harmons is busy with preparations for opening 3 new stores in the next 12 months. As Executive Chef, I have the pleasure of leading a team deeply involved in recipe development for exciting new fresh food programs ready to be rolled out with our new stores.

We are creating quality meals that will be packaged and ready to take home for you to heat and eat for you and your family. They are designed to give you easy to heat meals that you will be proud to serve. As we work on these exciting new items, we are creating recipes with the highest quality ingredients prepared in the most food safe conditions possible. You will be blown away by the lightness of our Sausage Lasagna, the flavor of our Chicken Soup with homemade noodles, and the rich flavor of our Crab and Artichoke Risotto Cakes. We are also creating 4 flavors of chicken wings, dinner combinations with entrees and accompaniments, and of course our fantastic artisan sandwiches and fresh salads.

Look for these new items as we open our new stores. As head of this development team, I know that you will be impressed.

March is National Frozen Food Month

February 25, 2011

Did you know that March is National Frozen Food Month? For more than 25 years, this month-long promotion has featured the, “Fresh Ideas – Great Taste attributes of frozen foods.” With the theme and focus of Bringing Families Together, this year Harmons will again offer great deals on frozen foods throughout the month of March. For meal solutions, buying and storage tips, recipes and more information on National Frozen Food Month, visit EasyHomeMeals.com. Be sure to check out the fun decorations in each of the stores and join in on the activities. Here’s a fun coloring contest for kids – due date is March 26th.

Frozen Food Month is also one of the times during the year Harmons teams up with Special Olympics Utah to help raise money for the organization and local athletes. By purchasing frozen food during the month of March you are helping to support Special Olympics Utah as we will donate a portion of those sales to the organization. Customers are also encouraged to donate by purchasing icons at checkout. Another fun way to donate is to meet and interact with local athletes each week as they prepare root beer floats at each Harmons store.

Fun Fact:
Did you know that the National Frozen & Refrigerated Food Association has a contest each year for the best promotions held during the month of March? The winners receive the Golden Penguin Award. Since 1993, Harmons has won 4 Silver Penguins and 11 Golden Penguins. A few times we were not allowed to enter because we had won the three previous years in a row.

Cheese Rock Star at Harmons

February 24, 2011

Vermont cheese maker Allison Hooper has been visiting Harmons stores meeting customers and sampling her award winning cheeses. Her visits coincide with an appearance on UEN’s broadcast of Cheese Slices. Follow the series and get your Passport stamped!

Emigration Market Sign

February 24, 2011

Harmons Emigration Market is located at 1706 E. 1300 S. The original Emigration Market opened in 1942. Harmons purchased the building last year. When finished it will feature fresh departments, grocery aisles, a remodeled parking lot and a pet station.  A significant portion of the store exterior will remain largely the same.

This week R & O Construction will be removing the “Emigration Market” sign on the exterior of the building so that it may remain safe during construction. The sign will be held at a local company that will refurbish the sign. The original “Emigration Market” sign will be installed prior to the grand opening of Harmons Emigration Market in the spring. View a letter from YESCO about the restoration work and care of the signs.

To follow the progress of Harmons Emigration Market visit our website at www.harmonsgrocery.com

Original Sign

Ciabatta is the one for me!

February 24, 2011
Jason in Bakery

Jason, Artisan Baker

The other day, I was asked which one of our breads was my favorite? I explained that the Country French was one of them, the flavor we get from so few ingredients is delicious. It is made with a poolish, a 50% water and 50% flour mix that is made the day before. Allowing the poolish to sit 12 to 18 hours enables fermentation to take place, and fermentation equals flavor. I further explained that if I had to choose just one of our breads, it would be Ciabatta. This one is comprised of flour, sea salt, water, commercial and wild yeast, and last but not least, olive oil. With its chewy crust, light airy crumb interior and deep flavor profile, it makes a great bread to dip in balsamic vinegar and olive oil mixture or make a sandwich. I like to put meat, cheese and vegetables, then I place it in my panni press. So, if you ask me to choose just one, Ciabatta is the one for me!

A peek inside Harmons City Creek

February 23, 2011

Here’s your fist peek inside the new Harmons City Creek store. Construction on this downtown store continues to move along steadily. Being built from the “inside out”, construction on a project like this does take longer than a standard store construction project, such as Harmons Station Park. Exciting progress is being realized at Harmons City Creek. Members of Harmons Operations Board recently were able to take a peek inside and were guided on a tour of the current state of the project. Keep up to date on the construction progress of Harmons’ three newest stores through our updated photo streams. New Harmons Emigration Market photos coming soon!

What is your blood sugar?

February 23, 2011

Phil in Pharmacy

Phil, Pharmacy Manager

Bring your glucose meter to Harmons each time you fill your diabetic testing supplies. We can print out your history of glucose readings and review them at no cost. This print out is also helpful to take to your next doctor’s appointment. If your meter is more than 2 years old check with your local Harmons pharmacy about replacing it. Most meters are available for you at no cost.

Passport to the World of Cheeses

February 21, 2011

We are inviting you to take a unique culinary journey each week and discover the culture, history, geography and traditions of cheese by watching UEN’s broadcast of CHEESE SLICES.

Watch CHEESE SLICES Monday nights at 8 p.m. After each broadcast visit Harmons cheese island for a taste of the cheese featured on the show. Have your Cheesemonger stamp your passport, and once completed you will receive a custom cheese plate valued at $24.99!

For more information about CHEESE SLICES visit http://www.uen.org/tv/cheese/passport.php or ask a Harmons Cheesemonger.

Stop by the cheese island and get your passport today!

Are Orchids for everyone?

February 21, 2011

Kristie in Floral

Kristie, Floral Manager

ORCHIDS? For you skeptics out there, here are a few bright spots in the orchid world that may calm the apprehensiveness of purchasing an orchid. Orchids are living proof of nature’s imagination. They are fantasitcal in their form and their bright, vibrant, often mottled colors!  They will captivate you as you pass and you wonder what they are up to. They make a great conversation piece as they show off their spectacular color combinations. And you think . . . huh . . . Little Shop of Horrors or mystical glamor?  A divine pair actually. 

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