“Here comes the bride, all dressed in white.”

September 29, 2011
Amanda in Floral

Amanda, Floral Designer

And look at her bouquet! Harmons Floral Design Center has been booming with wedding business. Our designers have been building some of the most amazing bouquets and wedding flowers since we opened in 2002. We are excited to continue bringing our creative touch to many more in the future. If you are planning a big event like a wedding, high school reunion, anniversary party, Quinceanera, and more, we can help create that extra special ambiance with beautiful and meaningful floral arrangements.

We always offer a free one-on-one consultation with a designer. A consultation is a designated time for us to show you our ideas and blend them with yours to create that exact look and feel for your special day. We are located at 3143 W. Parkway Blvd in West Valley City. We can be reached by phone at 801-957-8477 from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday and from 8am -3pm on Saturday, or send us an email. We look forward meeting you!

Make a great gluten free sandwich

September 28, 2011
Dave for Gluten Free

Dave, Gluten Free Advocate

A few days ago I had a very nice customer ask me if any of our delicatessens’ deli meats are gluten free, and frankly I am embarrassed to say that I was not sure. Obviously I am not sure is definitely not the right answer, so I did the thing I do best, research. I found out that not only are all of Boars Head® meats, cheeses, and condiments of the highest quality, they are also gluten free, we carry a large variety of Boars Head® products so please come by our delicatessen and pick some up today! For those watching your sodium, there is also a good selection of low sodium options. If you want to make a sandwich with your new found delicious deli meat, try Udi’s white sandwich bread. You can find it in the healthy living section in our frozen department.

A balanced diet is possible

September 26, 2011

Jonnell, Registered Dietitian

As a dietitian, I know how important it is to eat right. Eating a balanced diet with appropriate calories can reduce your risk for illness or disease, help you to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, and just make you feel better. However, I often hear that eating the recommended amount of fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein and whole grains is impossible. People often feel that they cannot meet their nutrition needs, meet their calorie goals and still enjoy favorite foods that are less nutritious. I can understand why this seems hard; a person eating 2000 calories a day should be getting at least 3 ounces of whole grains, 2 cups of fruit, 2 1/2 cups of vegetables, 3 cups of dairy foods and 5 1/2 ounces of protein foods per day. The key to meeting these requirements while staying within your calorie needs is planning. Plan each meal with the goal of meeting some of your needs for the day, and if you enjoy having a snack during the day (as I do), also use that as an opportunity to meet part of your nutrition needs. With careful planning you can also include some of the less nutritious foods that you enjoy. They key to adding less nutritious foods is portion control. If you really want a cookie (or ice cream, or candy, etc. . . .), simply plan your diet for the day to allow enough calories for your favorite food and limit it to one portion With careful planning you can meet your nutrition needs and still make room for foods you love! I have created a sample menu to show one way this can be done; notice that there are still 290 calories available for your favorite food. If you need help with meal planning either Jessica LaRoche, the dietitian at the Station Park Harmons, or I would be happy to help you. Call to set up an appointment today! Bangerter Crossing (801) 617-0111 or Station Park (801) 928-2600 Continue Reading »

Go ahead, ask your questions

September 26, 2011
Chef Bob

Chef Bob, Executive Chef

I spend a lot of my time going through the Station Park store in Farmington shopping for groceries for either a class or special event. It always amuses me, because I wear the traditional tall hat (referred to as a toque). Whenever I pass by  small children, or even babies, I receive a prolonged stare because of my hat. Many of the young children even whisper or cry out loud to their parents, “look mommy, is that a real chef?”. Needless to say my chefs’ ego really enjoys the attention. I also find that as I wander through the store, I have many people stop me and ask me where a specific product is, or for instructions on how to prepare something, or even ask me for a specific recipe. These moments are usually one of the favorite parts of my day. I truly enjoy assisting our customers with anything culinary that may have them stumped. So please, if you have a question, don’t hesitate to stop me, or even come to my classroom to get me. I would love to help. One other thing that I might mention is that I am not the only informational resource in the store. At Station Park and Bangerter Crossing we also have registered dietitians on staff, and we have qualified people in all of our other stores to help you get the most out of the products that you buy from Harmons. We love serving you so please, don’t hesitate to ask!

Rogue River Blue

September 23, 2011
Shauna in Cheese

Shauna, Cheese Monger

This is a very special time of year for cheese lovers. This is when a amazing cheese called Rogue River Blue is released. This raw milk blue cheese is wrapped in grape leaves that have been macerated in pear brandy and then aged for up to a year. Rogue River Blue won Best of Show this year at the American Cheese Socity annual competition. A well deserved win.

Rogue Creamery is out of Oregon and has a long history of cheese making. I had the chance to meet one of the owners, David Gremmels, in Italy a couple of years ago. What a nice guy. So passionate about his craft. Check out the history of Rogue Creamery at www.roguecreamery.com.

Supply is very limited and not every Harmons will have it. I was only able to order two wheels and they will go quick. Come on in and experience this cheese for yourself.

Dark Rye Bread is Here

September 23, 2011
Jason in Bakery

Jason, Artisan Baker

The Dark Rye Bread is finally here! We have been working on this one for quite awhile now! It is available every Friday. With it’s clean earthy rye flavor, it is sure to please all rye bread fanatics. Like all of our artisan breads, it is made from scratch, has no preservatives and is baked in our hearth ovens. If you are a fan of dark rye bread stop in and see us for a sample. If you don’t normally enjoy dark rye, maybe this is the one that will change your mind.

Can’t find what you need? We can have it tomorrow!

September 21, 2011

Phil in Pharmacy

Phil, Pharmacy Manager

Our pharmacies can special order products for you and get it in the next business day.  If you can’t find the prescription, over the counter medication, vitamin, supplement, or if you need some type of medical supply product we are here to help.  Also, our computers are linked to all the Harmons in the state and can see what prescriptions our other stores have in stock for hard to find prescriptions like ones that are on backorder.

Food and Exercise Journaling

September 17, 2011


Jessica, Registered Dietitian

Food and Exercise Journaling — Can it boost your health?

Have you ever kept a personal journal of your thoughts, feelings, or activities?  If you have, why?  Some people keep journals so they have a record of the past, something to look back on to remember the good times and even the bad.  Maybe you want to remember the funny things your kids did when they were younger.  Other people journal as a therapeutic expression of their feelings—a place to let it all out.  Journaling can definitely provide a feeling of emotional wellness.  Have you ever tried or considered keeping a food or exercise journal?  It turns out this kind of journaling can really benefit your health!


Benefits of Keeping a Food or Exercise Journal

  • Weight Loss—In a study by Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, participants who kept a food journal lost almost double the weight of non-journaling participants.  If you are frustrated that the scale is not tipping in the right direction despite your best efforts, just writing down everything you eat and drink can make a huge difference.  We all tend to have selective food memory—remembering all of the fruits and vegetable we ate but not all of the soda we consumed J   Keeping a food journal makes you more aware of everything you are eating and drinking. Continue Reading »

Utah Harvest Time

September 16, 2011
Derick in Produce

Derick, Produce Manager

The Utah Harvest is finally upon us and has been worth the wait. The peaches are sweet and juicy the pears are fragrant and the tomatoes are perfect! We are proud to support local growers from all over the state. Now is the time to preserve the flavor of summer. We have every thing here at Harmons to can, freeze or dry the fruits of your garden or ours. Don’t miss out this, may be a condensed season. So come down and enjoy and taste the difference local makes.




Whole Grain Rice Krispies Treats

September 15, 2011
Dave for Gluten Free

Dave, Gluten Free Advocate

I just happened to walk down our cereal isle the other day and noticed that Kellog’s is now making a gluten free version of their rice krispies cereal. To be honest, as weird as it may sound I was excited to see them, if for no other reason than having a real homemade rice krispie treat. The pre-packaged gluten free versions that are on the market today are just lacking the taste and texture that you get from the ones that you make at home. So I bought a box and went home to make my family a batch. I have to say they were everything that I had hoped for, they tasted exactly how I remembered them tasting, and the texture was crispy, not mushy like the others that I had tried recently. To ensure the safety of this cereal they have eliminated the barley that the original recipe contains, and it is being produced in a separate facility with batches being tested regularly for gluten. So buy a box and treat yourself. If you do not remember how to make them, the recipe is on the box.