Healthy Milestones: Riding in Yellowstone

December 14, 2011

On September 24th a few members of the Harmons MS Bike Team took a little bike ride in Yellowstone National Park.

“Riding in Yellowstone” – Loretta Braun

Ahhh… Yellowstone,

What a fantastic way to ride 64 miles.  An absolutely perfect end to a season of bike riding.

Brisk weather that you could can appreciate to keep your core just right with no overheating on gentle climbs.

Watching a lazy river shimmering downstream as you pedal along.  Scenery that gives your mind reasons to reflect on your place in the world.  Wild animals close enough to be amazed with,  yet wonder if you would ever be able to out run on a bike or lay down and play dead.

Halfway to your goal is a healthy lunch to refuel for your ride back, but not until after a view of Old Faithful.

In full sun and perfect temps comes your descend.  For real!  Downhill for miles!  Best keep your eyes on the road for the Bison and wolves are curious too.

When you are done, you have an enormous sense of gratitude for what your body and mind has been able to experience with great friends and fellow riders.

Count on me next year too!