Plan ahead to stay safe this season

December 7, 2011
Dave for Gluten Free

Dave, Gluten Free Advocate

Well we have made it through Thanksgiving, hopefully unscathed. Now we must look forward with Christmas looming and a veritable pitfall of yummy gluten containing treats to tempt us at every corner. With that said, however, I must say that no treat no matter how good, is worth damaging your body over. We unfortunately are only given one so it is paramount that we do as much right for that one as we possibly can. So to avoid those temptations with which you may be presented, I would say be proactive and plan ahead. Thanks to many great manufacturers like Betty Crocker, King Arthur flower, and Bob’s Red Mill to name a few, it has become so much easier to do so. With my family I like to keep boxes of cookie, brownie, and cake mix on hand so that we can whip up some treats if the occasion arises that we need to take some treats to a last minute party or event. As an adult and having lived gluten free for three plus years now, it is fairly easy for me to stay away from, besides the occasional misguided mess ups. But for my kids it is a whole different story. It is much harder for them to turn down a cookie or a cupcake, especially when their friends are all enjoying them. So with all that said, to stay safe this holiday season try giving a little forethought to what lies ahead, and if you find yourself in a situation where there is simply no time to plan try to be ready with a plan B of sorts at home. Hope you have a happy holiday season.