Meet Your Harmons City Creek Team

February 14, 2012

Everyone at Harmons City Creek is very excited for the opening of our 16th store! Wednesday morning at 9am we will open the doors and welcome the downtown community into a spectacular Harmons store. There are some people who wanted to say “HI” and invite you to come visit. Here are some of the incredible associates working at Harmons City Creek -

You can also check out pictures from the first dig of dirt to the night before opening.

3 Responses to “Meet Your Harmons City Creek Team”

  • We came in to what I thought was going to be an overwhelming experience at the new Harmons Downtown. We were lost when we got into the store there was so much to take in. Then we made it to the deli counter (where your sandwiches are made) and we were greeted by an amazing person Jill. She walked us around and showed us all of the options and was even giving us samples so we could figure out what we wanted to eat. she took the time to tell us what and where everything was, and was also helping others while she was doing it. Her friendly and outgoing personality made our shopping experience so good that the next day we brought the kids into the store and again sought out Jill just so that she could show the kids around (and she did with a smile on her face) I also wanted to show my children what realy customer service was and she sure showed them!! I will say that she alone was worth the 300.00 that we spent in Harmons over the weekend!!

    Posted by Valerie Evans | February 20, 2012 at 10:00 am
  • I am very disappointed in the new City Creek Store. It is poorly designed. The high ceiling makes for a dark store. The parking garage is extremely inconvenietly located, The flow is nonexistant! It is very confusing to find your way through the store. I was soooo excited to be getting a Harmon’s in the neighorhood only to be way disappointed. I will not be shopping at the City Creek Harmon’s. I will shop the Brickyard when I am in the area, otherwise I am forced to continue shopping at Smith’s downtown. Totally disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could have done a great job and ended up with a fiasco. The only way to fix it is to gut the building, redesign it and start over from square one. Better luck in the future. Hopefully you have learned from this horrible mistake.

    Posted by dj | February 22, 2012 at 3:37 pm
  • I have worked in grocery retail for over 20 years and have visited hundreds of grocery companies and thousands of stores in Europe, South Africa, Australasia, and North America. Without a shadow of doubt, in my mind at least, Harmon’s is right up there with the very best. Personally I love the design of the City Creek store, it is innovative, modern, and considering the size restrictions of a downtown store, very well stocked. Combined with the excellence of Harmon’s perimeter store operations, this is a winning formula, DJ (see previous comment) notwithstanding.

    Posted by John Parkin | March 5, 2012 at 6:14 pm