Treat Mom to a Meal

May 3, 2012
Jason in Bakery

Jason, Artisan Baker

Mother’s Day is May 13th and approaching quickly. For those of you wondering what to buy for your mother or the mother of your children on this special day, may I offer a suggestion? Maybe it’s not what you can buy for her, but what you can do for her. You could prepare her a meal! I would start with the bread, since I believe that bread is one of the most important aspects of a meal! I think I would choose a baguette for this occasion. Then I would get some roast beef from our delicatessen. Lastly, I would pick up a nice cheese from our cheese island! Simply slice your baguette in half length wise and lightly toast it enough to melt your cheese, perhaps on your barbeque grill. Then heat up your roast beef in your au jus. With the baguette’s hard crust and soft crumb it is perfect for french dip sandwiches. And you’re set! If you do not eat meat you could always load up your baguette with a bunch of veggies and still be set. You haven’t spent a lot of money but you have given her something more important – great food, and most importantly, your time!