Diabetes Resources at Your Local Harmons

June 20, 2012

Jessica, Pharmacy Manager

Living with diabetes can be very difficult, especially when recently diagnosed.  Challenges include; new medication, exercising, counting carbohydrates, and cutting back on favorite foods.  All of this can be overwhelming and confusing. Remember that you have incredible resources at your finger tips!

  • A nearby Harmons pharmacist is always ready and willing to discuss any questions you may have regarding your medications. Taking new medication, which most can’t even pronounce, can be a little intimidating, but never be afraid to ask questions. The more you know about your medications, the better you are able to treat your diabetes.
  • A dietitian is a great resource for your questions about your new diet.  You may be surprised to know that Harmons has dietitians that visit your local store a few times a month. In the stores at Station Park in Farmington, City Creek, and Bangerter Crossing in Draper there are full-time dietitians available throughout the week. It is difficult to come up with meals for your new diet, but dietitians can provide valuable information in helping you lead a healthier lifestyle and even lose some weight.

With determination and assistance, many of those living with diabetes are able to lose weight, control their diet, reduce medications, and in many cases, eliminate medications. I know you may be feeling a bit frustrated or lost, but don’t forget that most of your questions and concerns can be addressed close to home!  Harmons’ pharmacists and dietitians are friendly, knowledgeable, and available to help shoulder your burden and join with you in working towards a happier and healthier tomorrow.