Great Health Tip of the Day: Add Fresh Herbs

July 25, 2012

Add some fresh herbs to your food today! Not only do fresh herbs add color and flavor they have health benefits as well.

Here are a few summer favorites:
• Basil: Contains many phytochemicals including flavonoids, carotenoids, and rosmarinic and caffeic acids. Diets high in the phytochemicals found in basil may reduce the risk for cancer, heart disease, and age-related eye disease.
• Mint: Contains many phytochemicals with antioxidant activity. It also contains many vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, potassium and calcium. Mint may be helpful in reducing risk for heart disease and cancer and may help reduce nausea.
Parsley: One of the few foods rich in the phytochemical apigenin. It also contains many other phytochemicals, vitamin C and iron. Many of the phytochemicals in parsley have the potential to reduce the risk for cancer.

Here are some ways to add these fresh herbs:
• Sliver basil and mix into a green salad
• Add chopped mint to a fruit salad
• Add parsley to rice pilaf or potato salad