The Stand to Cure MS

August 31, 2012

In 2008 a little boy in Utah named Thomas, whose mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, set up a lemonade stand to raise money for the MS Society. That first year he raised $1,000. Now four years later, grocery stores throughout the state have expanded Thomas’ stand to an awareness and fundraising event. This year the stands have evolved into ice cream float stands and will be at every Harmons location. Stop by and learn how to help create a world free of MS and enjoy an ice cream float.

Saturday, September 8th

Thanks to our vendors who have donated the products for this event.

MS Stand for a Cure at Harmons

Images of the 2011 Stand to Cure MS from the MS Society Utah-Southern Idaho Chapter Facebook page

Great Health Tip of the Day: Eat Outside and National Trail Mix Day

August 31, 2012

What a day today is – Eat Outside AND Trail Mix Day!  So why not hit the trails and bring along some trail mix to eat outside on your hike?

You can buy a variety of trail mix already made or create your own concoction for the perfect blend.  For maximum nutrition from your mix, load up on dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and even whole grain cereal, like Cheerios or Chex.  Add some (not a whole bag!) mini chocolate chips or chocolate covered sunflower seeds for a sweet bite.

If you’re not able to make it to the trails to enjoy your trail mix, enjoy dinner with your family al fresco tonight.  With crazy school schedules and cooler nights coming, take advantage of these last few days of summer to enjoy a relaxing meal outside with good friends and family.

Flu Shots Are Here

August 29, 2012
Phil in Pharmacy

Phil, Pharmacy Manager

The flu shot is now available at Harmons pharmacy. It is important to get the flu shot every year since the flu strains can change and since immunity doesn’t last through the following flu season. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that the vaccine protects against the three main flu strains that research indicates will cause the most illness during this flu season. The CDC recommends getting the vaccine as soon as it is available and that immunizing as early as August will provide protection through the flu season. Since it can take 2 weeks for the vaccine to become effective, the sooner you get vaccinated the sooner you’ll be protected. We are offering flu shots on a walk in basis to patients 9 and older. Also, we immunize against shingles, pneumonia, and whooping cough. Please call or stop by your nearest Harmons pharmacy to learn more and get immunized.

Great Health Tip of the Day: More Herbs, Less Salt

August 29, 2012

Today is the day to celebrate herbs!  If mint, basil, or oregano has taken over your garden, find a fun new recipe and give it a try.  Not only do herbs (fresh or dried) add a flavor punch to your meal, they also contain healthy antioxidants and replace the need for much added salt to season your food.

If there is a specific herb you have in abundance, a quick internet search will lead you to many mouth-watering recipes.  Check out the recipes below for fresh oregano and basil!

Are Healthy Foods Really More Expensive?

August 27, 2012

Laura, Registered Dietitian

Along with the “it tastes like cardboard,” claim, the extra cost of healthy food is often cited as a barrier to healthy eating.  This widely accepted belief has been fueled by past studies that compared the cost per calorie of healthy vs. unhealthy foods.  Earlier this summer, the USDA put out a report that took a closer look at the cost of food.  Not only did they provide a clear definition of healthy vs. unhealthy foods (they graciously called unhealthy foods “moderation” foods), but they set out to answer the question, “ Is there a better way to measure the cost of a healthy diet?”  They used three different methods to measure the cost of food and found some interesting results.



The Results

  • As earlier studies found, when measuring the price per calorie of food, healthy food was more expensive than less healthy food.
  • Using the price per edible gram and the price per average portion, healthy food was found to be less expensive than unhealthy food.
  • Meeting the USDA’s daily food recommendations was found to be possible in a thrifty food budget as long as fruits and vegetables accounted for a higher percentage of the budget (40%) than average (20-25%).
  • Below is an image from the study depicting these results:

Notes: The dark areas of each bar represent the price range for the cheaper half of the foods in the category, while the lighter areas are the price ranges for the higher cost foods. White space at the bottom of the bars represents the start of the price range. Moderation foods are foods that are high in sodium, added sugars, or saturated fat, or that did not contain foods from a food group.

For those of you interested in the research details, read on!

Price per Calorie is straighforward way to measure the cost of foods; however, it does not take into account the typical serving size of various types of food.  The photo below represents 100 calories from each food on the plate.  Clearly, this does not seem like a realistic way to measure cost of individual food itemsHow many M & Ms do you eat in one sitting—more than 24?  Can you eat 21 strawberries in a sitting?  This system seems to inflate the cost of healthier foods that tend to be less calorie dense.

Price per Edible Gram may seem like a possibly more “fair” system of cost measurement.    This method takes into account things like food waste and can answer the question, “Is that chicken with bone and skin on really a better deal than that recipe-ready chicken breast?”  However, the practicality of this is questionable since the average shopper may not know how much a serving of food weighs in grams.  Also, like the price per calorie method, this method also has the weakness of not accounting for the typical serving sizes of each particular food.  For example, a single ounce bag of potato chips is going to seem much cheaper than a 10 oz. slice of watermelon.

Price per Average Portion compares the the cost of healthy versus less healthy food by measuring the cost of the average size portion eaten in the US.  This seems like a realistic and user-friendly way to measure cost of foods; however, the average American does not eat the recommended servings of fruits, vegetables, or whole grains.

Cost of meeting the USDA’s food group recommendations was also measured.  Meeting the protein and vegetable groups showed to be the most costly, but meeting the recommendations for a day was possible under the Thrifty Food Plan budget.

Carlson A and Frazao E. Are Healthy Foods Really More Expensive? It Depends on How You Measure the Price.  A Report from the Economic Research Service. Economic Information Bulletin. May 2012; 96.


Great Seasonal Utah Produce

August 27, 2012

We are lucky to live in an area that provides us so much wonderful produce, especially during this time of year. As long as Mother Nature cooperates, we’ll have the delicious Stirling Farms watermelon and cantaloupe through the month of September. There’s also great Utah peaches, pears, tomatoes, and corn to enjoy with early varieties of apples like the Akane coming soon. Get ready for the fun pumpkins coming about the third week of September!

Our dietitians have put together this great guide for seasonal Utah fruits and vegetables. (Click the image for a larger PDF view.) For more information on seasonal eating, check out the recent “In The News” Seasonal Eating presentation.

Harmons Seasonal Eating Guide

Coach Kyle Whittingham Show at City Creek

August 24, 2012

The Coach Kyle Whittingham Radio Show on ESPN700 will be broadcasting live this year from Harmons City Creek. You are invited to join us at the store to listen to Coach Whittingham share news and insights on Utes football, and have the chance to win some great prizes.

During each show we will be giving out prizes for those in attendance. Up for grabs are Harmons gift cards, meal packages, and Harmons Cooking School classes. Each week before the show the coaches, hosts, and show guests will be treated to a meal. During eight of the shows the audience has a chance to win all the ingredients for the meal from that evening. The other four shows will offer the chance to win seats in one of the Harmons Cooking School classes. (Must be present to win.)

The there is an added bigger prize every forth show! For that show we’ll bring back all the tickets from the three previous shows and include those, with everyone at the forth show, in drawing for the grand prize. The grand prize includes great items like a Utes canopy, a cooler stocked with signature Harmons items, a grill, Utes garb, and more. (If your name is in the drawing from attending one of the previous shows you do not have to be present to win the grand prize.)

Join us for the radio show from 6-7pm on the following dates:

August 28th
September 5th
September 12th
September 19th*
October 2nd
October 10th
October 17th
October 24th*
October 31st
November 7th
November 14th
November 20th*

If you can’t join us at the store, you can listen on 700AM or online at

Learning, Touring, and Tasting in California

August 24, 2012

Hello from Bliss,

I just returned from a food show in San Francisco and what a wonderful show. One of the best things about a food show like this is a chance to see old friends and make some new friends. OK, and the CHEESE!!!! I hope to bring some of these new things to you in the coming months, but until then they are a secret.

Being in Northern California I couldn’t pass up visiting a couple of cheese makers. We stopped at Marin French Cheese Company and toured their facility with the head cheese maker Alex. Marin French has been around for well over one hundred years and they make traditional Brie and Camembert. They are in the middle of expanding so we were able to see their new aging rooms. The hardest part to expanding is making sure that what is so special about the cheese does not get lost to modernization. They have to “season” the new rooms so all the natural bacteria that is unique to the area and has a happy home in the old rooms find a home in the new digs.

Our next stop was Point Reyes and Giacomini Family farm were they make Point Reyes Original Blue and Toma cheeses. We watched the cows being milked, toured the maternity ward and played with the calf’s before we set down to a plate of some of the finest cheeses you ever want to taste and to talk to Cuba, Point Reyes head cheese maker. The beauty of the area is just breathtaking and the cows were indeed happy.

We finished our day driving on Highway One along the coast to San Francisco. Bliss!!!!!

Top – Roadside Scenery
Middle – Shauna at Marin French Cheese Company
Bottom – Cuba and Shauna

Great Health Tip of the Day: Breastfeeding Awareness

August 24, 2012

Babies are born to breastfeed!  Breastfeeding your baby is the best thing you can do for your health and your baby’s health.  This is a good time to remind yourself and your loved ones of the benefits.

Visit for more information and support.  If you or your loved one is unable to breastfeed, please consult your doctor on how to best provide for you and your baby.

Kids Can Learn to Cook

August 23, 2012

Looking for a fun activity for the kids where they can get their hands messy and learn a few things at the same time? Get them into the kitchen at one of the kids cooking school classes and let them create and enjoy their own dishes, with the help of the cooking school instructor, of course.

In this clip from 2News, Mommy Blogger, Meg Sanders, talks about taking her kids to a cooking school class. For class dates and times check out the Cooking School calendar and look for the classes labeled for kids.

Click the screenshot to be directed to the video on KUTV’s site