Fun with goats at Drake Family Farms

September 21, 2012

I am excited to announce that (finally) Harmons will now carry Drake Family Farms goat cheese. This little gem of a farm is tucked back in the middle of West Jordan were it is hidden from most eyes except the devoted fans of their cheeses and milk. This farm as been there since the 1880s and is 6 generations strong.

Last week me and my trusted side kick Danerish, (OK, she is my boss) after much looking found the lane that goes to Drakes. The first thing you encounter is a tiny hut were they sell raw goats milk and their cheeses. They use the honor system and have people leave their money and take what they want. Of course they have guard goats to keep people honest. The next is goats, goats and more goats. The cutest things you ever did see. Goats are very friendly. Let me just say that I will never turn my back on a goat again. If you have never had a wet willy from a goat I don’t recommend it. YECH!!!!

Drakes is not only in the cheese business but they are one of the most respected goat breeders in the country. They have three different breeds. Saanens, Nubians and Alpines. They have a few Snubians thrown in there also. Richard Drake is the herd manager and his father is the cheese maker.

After a great afternoon visiting with Richard and his goats I walked away with a new respect for the business of family farms and my new goat friend. Danerish walked away with a new pet. She was so enamored that she bought a goat to take home. She named him Willy and he is now the most pampered goat you will ever meet.

Come on in and try these cheeses. Harmons also carry their yogurt in our dairy section and while you are at it check out their web site at: