Harmons has Utah’s Best Bagger!

September 25, 2012

Wow! Impressive. Thrilling. Speedy. Competitive. Awesome. Fun!

The 2012 State Best Bagger contest made for a intense, but extremely fun, evening of bagging from the best in the state. Ten baggers from Harmons gave their best efforts in competing for the title of Utah’s Best Bagger.  They competed against baggers from Fresh Market, Smith’s, Dick’s, Macey’s, and Lin’s. It was impressive to watch the speed and accuracy in which baggers placed 30 items into 3 reusable bags. Unlike previous years, this year’s participants had no idea of what items would be on the table so their true skills of building the proper bags with even weights was put to the test.

All of our baggers did an excellent job in the first round. Of course the Harmons supporters thought all six final spots should be filled with our amazing participants. Everyone in the audience seemed to be in shock when the list of finalist for the first heat got to two without a Harmons participant. The last spot in the finals was taken by Kaitlin Jensen from Harmons Ogden. Harmons’ lone finalist was up against baggers from, Dick’s, Fresh Market, Smith’s, and two from Macey’s. The final heats were extremely close and it was tough to call who was going to come out the winner. Again we were on edge when the top three were announced and a bagger from Macey’s and Smith’s were called up before Kaitlin. The suspense mounted during the long pause before the announcement of the 2nd place finisher. At some point Kaitlin’s name must have been announced as the first place bagger, but no one could hear it over the cheering from the crowd. Kaitlin will represent Utah and Harmons at the national bagging contest in February 2013 in Las Vegas.

We are so proud of all of our incredible baggers who represented Harmons at the state contest. They all showed that it’s not all about speed, but taking care of the customer by properly placing items so that they make it home safely. Congratulations to all of our baggers and thank you for a great show of passion and excitement!

One Response to “Harmons has Utah’s Best Bagger!”

  • I LOVE Harmon’s and greatly appreciate those who bag my groceries, and manage to fit them in my little basket on wheels, which I take on the bus. Congratulations to KAITLIN – that is a super accomplishment in a very honorable profession.

    Posted by Sue McFarlane | September 30, 2012 at 1:03 pm