National Organic Harvest Month

September 21, 2012

Jessica, Registered Dietitian

The objective of National Organic Harvest Month is to “highlight organic agriculture and the growing organic products industry.” September is an ideal time in Utah to celebrate and enjoy the fresh bounty of the season. As you stroll around the grocery store or farmer’s market, you may wonder if it is better to choose local or organic when available, and there is not a definitive answer.

Many studies, including a recent article published by Stanford University researchers, concluded that organic produce is NOT more nutritious than conventionally grown fruits and veggies. The more important thing is to make sure you are eating fruits and vegetables every day, which many Americans fall short on.

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to eat organic foods, not just for nutritional value. Organic produce has been found to have lower levels of pesticide residues, but all produce sold in the United States must fall below a maximum allowable level set by the Environment Protection Agency. Others site taste preferences and environmental concerns for choosing organically produced foods. It really comes down to personal preference, just try to get at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies every day, whether conventionally or organically grown.

If you are looking to increase organic foods in your diet, start by adding some fresh, seasonal, organic options available right now in Utah. Visit a local farmer’s market for a variety of locally grown organic options, or stop by Harmons and check out our variety of local and organic options today!