Great Health Tip of the Day: Happy Halloween

October 31, 2012

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! If you have little ones at home, today is an exciting day of dressing up and wandering through the neighborhood trick-or-treating! Below are some tips for making your day safe and as healthy as possible:

  • Make sure to bring along flashlights and reflective or bright clothing if you will be trick-or-treating at night.
  • Stay in groups. It is easier for motorists to spot large groups of people instead of two or three children.
  • Inspect your children’s candy before they eat any. Check for open packages or candy that looks like it might be left over from last year
  • Send your kids off with a warm, healthy meal before trick-or-treating. Chili or soup are great options.
  • Did your kids score a HUGE bag of candy this year? Worried about sugar overload? Help your kids set some limits for candy consumption:
    • Allow children to eat all the candy they want the night of Halloween.
    • Have them pick 5-10 pieces of their favorite candy to enjoy over the next week.
    • “Buy back” the rest of the candy and exchange with a fun activity, like a night at the movies or a sleep over.