Great Health Tip of the Day: October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 22, 2012

Regardless of gender or health status, you can improve your overall health through appropriate lifestyle changes including smart dietary choices (like those provided by our Harmons Dietitians) and including additional physical activity in your day.

  1. Improvements in overall health through exercise, relaxation, and a healthful diet have been shown to increase the survival rates in cancer patients.
  2. Increased muscular fitness levels through resistance training leads to higher self-efficiency in cancer survivors.
  3. Cancer treatments have been shown to have no effect on a patient’s heart health. By improving cardiovascular fitness through aerobic exercise, many potential risk factors for developing cancer and other chronic diseases can be eliminated. 
  4. Reducing body weight can lower the risk of developing cancer and also reduce the risk of reoccurring incidences in cancer survivors.
Nicole Holland – ACSM Personal Trainer