What Living with Diabetes Looks Like

October 23, 2012

Jessica, Pharmacy Manager

The American Diabetes Association is currently associated with a wonderful program that is receiving proceeds to fund their diabetic research.  They simply want a picture of what a day in the life of living with diabetes looks like. $1 gets donated for every picture that gets uploaded to Facebook for up to $25,000! What an incredible and simple opportunity for us to donate towards the search for better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for this debilitating disease. Unfortunately, there are many in this country who still view diabetes as a minor condition. By sharing our moments and experiences with others, it will help to spread awareness and knowledge about how dangerous this disease can be.  The American Diabetes Association explains, “Send us a photo of a moment that captures what living with diabetes every day means to you.” Let us join together and share our experiences through photos. Spread the word and upload your experiences today. For more information or to upload your moments, visit – www.facebook.com/AmericanDiabetesAssociation and click on the numerous links to Share Photo – A Day in the Life of Diabetes.