Be Green With Your Christmas Tree

December 24, 2012

Shawn, Store Green Team Captian

Another holiday season is almost past.  The question now is what to do with the tree?  For many of us that means boxing the tree back up and placing it in storage for another year.  But there are still a lot of people out there who purchase the real deal.  Disposing of a tree can be a daunting chore.  However, thanks to your garbage collectors, getting rid of the tree can be super easy.

For those who live in unincorporated Salt Lake County or in cities that use the County’s services for garbage pickup, you can leave your tree on your curb starting January 4th running through the rest of the month.  You don’t need to place it in a garbage can, just leave it on the curb and it will be picked up.  The tree will then be turned into mulch at the landfill so you can feel good about recycling your Christmas tree.  Just make sure to take off all of your ornaments and lights.

In the city of Orem there are going to be approximately 17 different drop-off locations where you can take your tree.  Information is being sent out with your utility bills.

For those in Ogden City, if your tree is six feet tall or less you can take your tree to the Green Waste Facility located at 1845 Monroe Blvd.

Layton residents can leave their trees on the curb starting December 27th through January 15th to have them picked up.

Similar to Orem, residents of Roy can take their trees to a drop off location.  Many of the parks in the city will have dumpsters for trees only.  The dumpsters will be in place starting December 31st through January 6th.

In Washington County you can contact Allied Waste at 435-628-2821 to schedule a pickup for your tree.  This is a free service, you just have to call and plan ahead with Allied Waste.  The tree will typically be picked up on your usual trash pickup day and can be left on the curb for collection.

If you live in an area not mentioned, for example Murray City, contact the sanitation department for the city or county you live in.  Many cities and areas have drop off locations to help with Christmas tree disposal.

Recycling your Christmas tree, no matter how simple, may seem like a chore.  Just keep in mind that it’s only once per year and it’s the thing to do to Be Green.