Following the journey to Bike MS

May 23, 2013

· As we gear up for the 27th Annual Bike MS:  Harmons Best Dam Bike Ride, we know there are probably a lot of first-timers who might be a bit anxious about participating. To help encourage and support you in your journey to the ride, we are going to be following a first time rider as he prepares to ride the 100 mile route. Dylan is a Harmons associate at Bangerter Crossing who will be joining friends and coworkers in his first Bike MS. Leading up to the ride he will be sharing his experiences and hopefully answer some of the questions and concerns you might be curious about with training, eating, nerves, and more. Follow Dylan’s progress, cheer him on, offer suggestions, ask questions, share your training and riding experiences, and tell us why you ride in Bike MS in the comments of each post. ·

bikeA recent visit to my doctor inspired me to make some lifestyle changes. If you’re like me, you have been thinking about making a change but are too intimidated to find a place to start. With some encouragement from a good friend I signed up to ride the MS Best Dam Bike Ride. It is a fantastic way to have a physical goal and raise some money for the MS Society. I have chosen to ride the century (100 miles) on June 29th. This is a daunting task for me, I have not been physically active for a couple years and haven’t ridden a bike in more than eight. I am lucky enough to have a supportive family including a brother who has lent his road bike to my cause.

I have begun training for the ride, and have been surprised by the ease of riding. It is wonderful to get outside and ride. I had never ridden a bike in clips and had a fear of falling over and being stuck so I began by riding around the block. I have since graduated to riding 20 to 30 miles a ride. The most uncomfortable and hardest part of cycling for me has been the bike seat. They just don’t make them comfortable, they are either padded and wide or narrow and hard. The padded option doesn’t work for longer rides because it causes chafing, which leads you to riding with an uncomfortable, narrow seat.

My family loves puzzles, and the hardest part of any puzzle are colors that look very similar; i.e. the sky, grass, or if you’re my uncle, a puzzle of an egg on a white background. This is how I feel about diets and food. The hardest, but most important, part to finishing your health puzzle is eating right.

I have begun that part of my journey at Harmons. We offer dietitian services at some of our stores and I decided to take advantage of them. Eating correctly is the largest part of being fit. Having the energy to exercise, fuel during your ride and recovery are all wonderful benefits to eating well. During my first meeting with Jonell, the dietitian at the Bangerter Crossing location, we talked about my current eating habits, what kind of foods I enjoy and what foods I would like to avoid. She put together a breakfast meal plan that has some options to fuel my mornings. I have also spent less money on food since starting my suggested diet. Eating out every day really adds up on both your wallet and your body.