Deductible Time Again

February 5, 2014
Phil, Pharmacy Manager

Phil, Pharmacy Manager

For lots of us, a new year comes with our deductibles starting over. A lot of people are shocked how much their medications are when they don’t have the set copay. We are also seeing a lot more companies move to high deductible plans. Even if you have a deductible, you still get a discount on your medications.

When we bill your insurance they give you their contracted price for the medication. Pharmacists at Harmons can also talk to you about possible generics that the doctor may consider trying before going to a more expensive brand name medication. If the doctor still wants the brand name, you could ask their office about manufacture coupons or samples.

We also have the Harmons Prescription Plan. This plan gets you discounts on prescriptions you get at Harmons. At times, this prescription discount program may be better than your insurance for some generics. For more information on the Harmons Prescription Plan, please talk to your local Harmons Pharmacy.

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  • This is great information. Thanks!

    Posted by Marc Stryker | February 5, 2014 at 2:35 pm