Great Health Tip of the Day: Frozen Meat and Meat Alternatives

March 19, 2014

Keeping frozen meat or meat alternatives in your freezer can make planning healthy meals a snap. However, not all frozen meats and meat alternatives are created equal when it comes to nutrition. Following a few simple steps can help you to choose a nutritious option:

  • Watch the salt; some meat products are injected with a sodium solution and some meat alternatives also contain a large dose of sodium.DietitiansChoice
    • If you are choosing a food that you won’t be seasoning further, look for one with no more than 350 milligrams of sodium.
    • If you are planning on adding a seasoning, marinade, or sauce that includes salt, choose a meat or meat alternative without added sodium.
  • Choose a product that does not include hydrogenated oil in the ingredient list.
  • Look for the Dietitians Choice label to make it easy to choose a healthy option.