Support Special Olympics with Frozen Food Month – Healthy Breakfast Options in the Freezer Aisle

March 8, 2014

Every year during the month of March, Harmons and Special Olympics Utah join forces to promote National Frozen Food Month.  Harmons donates a portion of frozen food sales during this time and receives incredible support from the vendor community.

Are you tired of your usual breakfast routine and need some fresh ideas to get you excited about the most important meal of the day?  Look no further than your Harmons frozen food aisle!  Breakfast… frozen… what?!?!  If you usually peruse the cereal aisle for breakfast, consider the many QUICK options available in the frozen section.  This is not the first place I think to go for breakfast, but after a quick stroll, I realized all of the convenient, healthy, and delicious breakfasts I’ve been missing.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Amy’s Tofu Scramble—get the day started with 22 grams of protein!
  • Good Food Made Simple Unsweetened Steel Cut Oats—high fiber, whole grain breakfast in only 3-1/2 – 5 minutes!  Add some slivered almonds or peanut butter for added protein and top with frozen berries for a serving of fruit.
  • Whole grain waffles, like Van’s 8 Whole Grains or Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus—start the day with a peanut butter and banana waffle “sandwich.”
  • Smoothie pouches, like Western Family or Jamba Juice—these can be high in added sugar, so make sure to choose one that has lots of fruit in the ingredient list before added sugar.  Blend with milk instead of juice for added protein and less sugar.
  • Amy’s Rice and Bean Burrito with Cheddar—balanced and filling!  It’s always great to sneak in some beans so early in the day!

Choosing the healthiest breakfast from the frozen section is a cinch when you look for our Dietitians Choice tags!  We have included frozen breakfast foods, frozen fruit, and frozen meals, so you will have a great variety of nutritious and convenient options.  In general, watch out for high sodium, added sugar, and saturated fat in frozen breakfast options.  For a complete breakfast, you should aim for 600mg of sodium or less, no more than 3-4 grams of saturated fat, and as little added sugar as possible.

Great Health Tip of the Day: National Blueberry Month

July 5, 2012

Blueberries are a powerhouse of nutrition containing vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants that may help to prevent heart disease and cancer.  July is the peak time for blueberry harvest, so take time to enjoy these delicious and nutritious berries.

Tips for enjoying blueberries:

  • Toss blueberries into a salad
  • Add blueberries to your breakfast cereal
  • Make a parfait with non- or low-fat vanilla yogurt, blueberries and sliced almonds
  • Blend blueberries into a smoothie

Blueberry-Banana Smoothie
Makes 4 servings

  • 12 ounces 100% pineapple juice
  • 3 small bananas, sliced
  • 2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries
  • 16 oz. plain non- or low-fat Greek yogurt

Blend all together in blender and enjoy immediately or freeze to enjoy later.

Great Health Tip of the Day: Fireworks Safety

July 2, 2012

Fireworks are a great way to celebrate the 4th of July.  Follow these firework safety tips* to ensure your family has a safe and happy holiday celebration.

  • Be sure you are only using fireworks outdoors! Even the small “snappers” should be an outside activity.
  • Make sure your fireworks are legal.  Check local laws to make that fireworks are allowed in your area. (Find out information for your area from the State Fire Marshal’s site:
  • Always have water nearby.  Whether a bucket or a hose, water is an important safety precaution.
  • Never relight a “dud” firework. Wait 20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water.
  • Remain a safe distance from the fireworks.  If you are lighting them, wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.   
  • Only use fireworks as intended.  Never alter pre-made fireworks or make your own.  These are extremely dangerous and are illegal.
*Tips taken from The National Council on Fireworks Safety at

Great Health Tip of the Day: Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

June 30, 2012

When packing your vacation bags or heading out for a day of outdoor fun, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!  Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, with more than 2 million people diagnosed EVERY YEAR.  The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF 15 or greater every day.  For extended outdoor activity, they suggest a water-resistant, broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30 or greater.

Harmons carries a variety of broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF as high as 100+!  You can find sunscreen lotion, spray, and even sticks for convenience.  And don’t forget to apply an SPF lip balm too.  Enjoy the great outdoors and remember your sun safety this summer.

Great Health Tip of the Day: Turkey Lover’s Month

June 27, 2012

It’s true, turkey lover’s month is in June, NOT November. If you think turkey is only for Thanksgiving, think again. Harmons Recipe Ready Turkey is easy to prepare, delicious, and healthy.

 Try turkey enchiladas, turkey burgers, or turkey stir-fry instead of using chicken.

It’s best to use a meat thermometer when cooking turkey so you don’t overcook and dry it out.  Make sure your turkey reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees F.  Don’t forget about our Boar’s Head deli turkey for a great sandwich! There are so many ways to enjoy turkey outside of Thanksgiving!

Check out the Meat & Seafood blog for great Recipe Ready Turkey recipes from our Cooking School Chefs

Great Health Tip of the Day: Try a new twist on tea!

June 21, 2012

According to the Tea Association of the USA, about half of Americans are tea drinkers. And they can drink to their health! Drinking tea is a great way to get your antioxidants and stay hydrated.

  • Tea contains flavonoids, a type of antioxidant that prevents the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol, reduce blood clotting, and widen the blood vessels in the heart. Drink to heart health!
  • Tea contains 20-60mg of caffeine per 8 ounces—that’s about half the caffeine in coffee.
  • The catechins in tea may help prevent cancer, though study results are mixed.
  • Eating tea is another way to get the tasty benefits of tea’s antioxidants. Use it as a seasoning in meatloaf, soups, salads, or try it as a spice rub on fish! In the hot summer months, enjoy it on ice.

Great Health Tip of the Day: Eat All Your Veggies Day!

June 18, 2012

Yesterday was “Eat All Your Veggies” Day.  In addition to finishing all the veggies on your plate (hopefully you serve you and your family generous portions!), try adding them to foods you may not otherwise. 

  •  Add some finely chopped greens, carrots, or other veggies to chilis and soups.
  • Grate zucchini, carrots, or broccoli into casseroles, meatloaf, and quick breads.
  • Load up your sandwich with spinach, tomatoes, and sprouts for a refreshing crunch.
  • Try black bean brownies!
  • Make cauliflower pizza crust.
  • Add pureed broccoli or cauliflower to pasta sauce.  Or chop them in 1 inch pieces for a chunky sauce.
  • Thicken soups with pureed potatoes—use sweet potatoes for an extra kick.
  • Add spinach or other dark leafy greens to your favorite smoothie.

Great Health Tip of the Day: National Seafood Month

June 14, 2012

With National Seafood Month in full-swing, June is a great time to vary your protein choices and add a little seafood to your diet.

  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends you get 2-3 servings of fish every week to replace intake of other protein sources.
  • Seafood is an excellent lean protein source.  Seafood is a great source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, a healthy fat that may reduce your risk of heart disease.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the polyunsaturated fatty acids in seafood.  Omega-3 fatty acids may decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • DHA is a very important omega-3 fatty acid found in fish.  DHA is actually in our brains and helps maintain cognitive functioning.  If you’re vegetarian you can get DHA from algae, otherwise seafood is the best source of DHA in your diet. 
  • Think about boosting your brain power and adding a little seafood to your next meal! 

Great Health Tip of the Day: Men’s Health Week!

June 12, 2012

This week is National Men’s Health Week!  This is a great time to think about staying strong now and preventing diseases later in life.

  • Be physically active!  Adults should get at least 30 minutes of physical activity most days of the week.
  • Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.  Be sure to include tomatoes and watermelon! These foods contain lycopene which is good for prostate health.  Fruits and veggies also help you meet the recommendation of 4700 mg of potassium, which helps maintain blood pressure and good heart health.
  • Make half your grains whole grains.  Whole grains are good for digestive health, heart health, and may reduce the risk of some cancers.  Men younger than 50 should get at least 38 grams of fiber a day, men over 50 should shoot for 30 grams.
  •  Eat at least 2 servings of fish per week.  Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that help keep your mind sharp and may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 
  • Choose unsaturated fats like olive oil, nuts and seeds, and avocados more often.   
  • Consume less than 2300 mg of sodium (about 1 teaspoon) per day for healthy blood pressure and to help prevent heart disease.
  • Get screenings for preventable diseases such as a prostate exam, colonoscopy, blood pressure reading, and a cholesterol level.

Great Health Tip of the Day: Great Outdoors Month!

June 7, 2012

June is Great Outdoors Month, and I can’t think of a better place than Utah for the great outdoors!  With the weather warming up and the mountains greening up, now is the time to take advantage of the outdoors.  Whether you love hiking, gardening, or volunteering, there are plenty of activities to fill a day (or month) with outdoor adventures.

  • Grab your mountain bike and set off for a day on the trails.  Utah offers a variety of trails, from beginner to down-right scary!
  • Give your flowerbed or vegetable garden some TLC.
  • Pick an outdoor volunteer activity with a local community group.  June is a great time to help clean up the local trails that you enjoy all year.
  • Visit a National Park or Forest for FREE on June 9 for National Get Outdoors Day.  Utah boasts 5 National Parks and 6 National Forests!  Check out for nearby options.