Healthy Milestones: Sunday at Silver Lake

June 17, 2012

A couple weekends ago members of the Harmons People and Training Departments, with their kids and dogs, headed up American Fork Canyon for a fun hike to Silver Lake. To get there you head up American Fork Canyon, past Tibble Fork Reservoir, and up a winding dirt road – a beautiful drive to a beautiful destination.

If you haven’t done this hike yet, it is definitely one to add to your list. The trail is just over 2 miles to the lake and a takes few hours round trip, plus the time you enjoy spending at the top. Pack a snack or a lunch and take time to relax and soak in the scenery. Several spots along the switchbacks the last mile and a half provide some very beautiful picture taking opportunities with Mt. Timpanogos as the backdrop. The lake level will vary with the seasons, so it is always fun to repeat the hike to see the difference. A couple people in this group did this same hike last fall and got to experience the amazing colors of the changing trees.

There are a few things you need to know before heading out for this hike: Continue Reading »

Healthy Milestones: Riding in Snow Canyon

June 13, 2012

Greg Jones and Jeremy Bromley on a ride through Snow Canyon in St. George after a long day at the Utah Pharmacists Annual Convention. The caption Greg gave this photo when submitting it:

“Let’s hope that they count pills better than they ride bikes!”


Have you noticed some of the same people in the Healthy Milestones posts? They are submitting photos and stories when they are out having a good time being active. We’d love to see some new faces and hear about the fun things you are doing! Just submit a photo with a description of your activity. We want to see what our associates AND customers are doing and share in your healthy achievements.

Healthy Milestones: Riding in Capitol Reef

April 8, 2012

Mark, Dean and Bob on their bikes in Capital Reef National Park

Taking a break on the bike – Executive Vice President & COO Mark Jensen, President Dean Peterson,and Vice President for the Customer Bob Harmon

While on a recent working retreat in Torrey, Utah, members of Harmons board of directors Mark, Dean and Bob took a break to get out on their bikes. They headed out on a ride in Capitol Reef National Park. Their 40 mile ride included an elevation change of more than 1,400 feet.

Bob said of their journey, “We didn’t realize the elevation change until we were well into the ride since it was downhill in the beginning. Well, we just kept going.”

You can join Mark, Dean and Bob for a ride on June 23rd and 24th in Logan for the the Bike MS:  Harmons Best Dam Bike Ride. Sign up today and start training!

Healthy Milestones: Snowshoeing Fun

March 22, 2012

Snowshoeing in Mill Creek with friends and dogs – Linda, Harmons Risk Management Assistant

Linda & Friends Snowshoeing in Mill Creek Canyon

Get a group of friends together and hike Mill Creek Canyon. It is a beautiful canyon with lots of trails and it is dog friendly. On odd days the dogs can be off leash on the trails, which the dogs love. People are friendly and the dogs are friendly. It is so much fun to watch the dogs greet each other and play. On this particular day we did a short hike about 5 miles. We enjoy our time in the outdoors no matter what distance we hike. We try to get together a few times a month depending on weather. If you are with good company and dog friends it makes for good times. Snow Shoeing is a fun way to exercise in the winter. If you have a big dog that requires a lot of exercise it’s a good way for both of you to get exercise. Just be careful that the dogs do not step on the back of your snowshoes, it can trip you up. I bring a pack with for my little dog. When he gets tired I put him in the pack and still get in a good hike. It is also a great stress reliever!

Healthy Milestones: Running the Stairs

March 2, 2012

Recently a group of Harmons associates have been “running the stairs” as part of ongoing fitness training. The concept isn’t new or original, but to this group of associates it is a huge check off of the physical accomplishments list.

With access to an arena with lots (and lots and lots) of stairs, and not many observers, this workout tests the endurance and the knees of those who attempt it. The routine goes like this:

  1. Run DOWN the stairs
  2. Run UP the stairs
  3. Run AROUND the concourse
  4. Try not to forget what section was just completed
  5. REPEAT until every section has been scaled and circled

Twenty four sets of stairs, 2300 steps, 25 laps, 5.5 miles, 1300 calories burned, and 1hr 15mins later the workout is complete.

What big workouts have you done that give you a great sense of accomplishment? Tried something new that has tested you? We want to hear, and share, the big or little accomplishments in your journey to great health. Send us an email, with pictures and a description, of whatever it is that you are proud to share.

Healthy Milestones: Freezing 10K Finishes

January 31, 2012

"We finished, and we didn't finish last!"

Running in below freezing temperatures on January 28th, 300+ joggers took to the streets of Orem for the Hale Freezes Over 5K/10K fun run. The run served as a fundraiser for the local theater company, Hale Center Theater. A couple members of Harmons Training Department and People Department took part in the 10K.

For Shannon, this was her first time running and finishing a race of that distance. For Carrie, it was the first race of that distance for at least 15 years. Despite the 18 degree starting line temperature, and being lapped by a 13 year-old, both finished the race and beat their previous 5K times.

The finishing times were not fast, but they achieved their goal of the day of not finishing last!

Have you recently run a race, picked up a new sport, enjoyed a day of skiing, changed your eating habits? We’d love to hear what healthy milestones you’ve reached! Send us your story and a photo about something you’ve done that you are proud of and want to share.

Healthy Milestones: Riding in Yellowstone

December 14, 2011

On September 24th a few members of the Harmons MS Bike Team took a little bike ride in Yellowstone National Park.

“Riding in Yellowstone” – Loretta Braun

Ahhh… Yellowstone,

What a fantastic way to ride 64 miles.  An absolutely perfect end to a season of bike riding.

Brisk weather that you could can appreciate to keep your core just right with no overheating on gentle climbs.

Watching a lazy river shimmering downstream as you pedal along.  Scenery that gives your mind reasons to reflect on your place in the world.  Wild animals close enough to be amazed with,  yet wonder if you would ever be able to out run on a bike or lay down and play dead. Continue Reading »

Healthy Milestones: Triathalon Lover

November 29, 2011

Three Sport Competition – Jameson Rice:

Jameson and Sarah Rice participated in the Pumpkinman Triathlon in Las Vegas on October 15, 2011

Jameson finishing the swim at the Echo Triathlon

Three years ago I was challenged by a friend to participate in a triathlon, and ever since I have become addicted to the three sport competition. I love the swim-bike-run combo because it breaks up any workout boredom and it is a whole-body exercise blending endurance and resistance training. Triathlons are categorized by distances, such as: Sprint (750 meter or 0.5 mile Swim, 12.4mi Bike, 5K or 3.2mi Run); Olympic (1500m Swim, 24.8mi Bike, 6K or 6.4mi Run); Ironman (2.4mi Swim, 112mi Bike, 26.2mi Run); Half (half the Ironman distance). I have raced in 5 Sprint and 3 Olympic events. My goal is to complete a half Ironman next summer, and then try to conquer a full Ironman in the future.


A little extra: Jameson Rice and Jace Muramoto are pharmacist for Harmons. Since 2005 they have participated the Bike MS annual Harmons sponsored bike ride, a great charity event. It is a wonderful way to help fight the devastating disease of Multiple Sclerosis while staying in shape at the same time.

Jace Muramoto, Jameson Rice, and Stuart Anderson enjoy the finish line after a long "century" ride at the Bike MS: Harmons Best Dam Bike Ride

Healthy Milestones: Turkey Trot

November 25, 2011

A few of the Team Harmons runners after finishing the race

On Thanksgiving morning a group of Harmons associates and their families got together to help out the Utah Food Bank and to get in a little exercise before the day’s big meal. The sixth annual Thanksgiving Day Utah Human Race brought out about 4,500 runners. All participants were encouraged to bring canned goods to donate to the Utah Food Bank. Everyone on Team Harmons finished the race and had a good time.

What did you do on Thanksgiving to be active before the turkey dinner? Did you compete in a Turkey Trot, rake up the last of the leaves, play football with the family?

Healthy Milestones: Wasatch Front 100

November 15, 2011

Self Shot - Mile 35

Wastach Front 100 – Jessica LaRoche:

On September 9th and 10th I had the opportunity to participate in my first 100 mile trail run – the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run.  This is not a relay event, you run all 100 miles yourself! But you do have lots of support along the way . . . a support vehicle loaded with many changes of clothes, first aid supplies, and tons of food and “pacers” who can run with you after mile 40 to keep you safe, especially through the night hours.

The run starts at East Mountain Wilderness Park in Kaysville and ends 100 miles later at The Homestead in Midway. Along the way you run on trails through the mountains with beautiful scenery and a cumulative elevation gain of 26,800 feet! It took months of training on the trails–I started focusing on the race in early June and built my weekly mileage until a taper 3 weeks before the race. I usually averaged about 50-70 miles each week and was able to cover most of the course sections before race day, which helped a lot mentally because you knew what you had ahead. I was very fortunate to have a great race, free of any major blisters or stomach/intestinal issues. Of course I was exhausted by the end and my feet hurt with every step, but I made it after 31 hours and 35 minutes. Some of my favorite parts were running through the night with an almost full moon and eating pancakes at an aid station at mile 80. It was a great event and I hope to run another 100 mile race again in the future.

Big Mountain Aid Station at Mile 39

Seconds after finishing at The Homestead in Midway










Do you have a Healthy Milestone you want to share? Check out our first post in the category for information on submitting your accomplishment.