Still Looking for the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day?

May 10, 2014

MothersDayBlogPostIf you still haven’t thought of how to make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day, don’t worry because Harmons has you covered with stunning flowers and other fun gift ideas.


Most people think of Harmons for groceries, but did you know that we have a 9,000 square foot state-of-the-art floral design and distribution center in the heart of West Valley City? Call us at 801-957-8477 to order your flowers!

Harmons floral design and distribution center employs 9 full-time floral designers and 13 part time floral associates with a combined 130 years of floral experience.

Want something unique for your mom? Harmons offers several special Mother’s Day arrangements and can also create unique custom designs to fit every taste and budget.

Breakfast in Bed

If flowers aren’t her thing, you can pick up everything you need for a delicious breakfast in bed. Click HERE to find a Liege Chocolate Chip Waffles recipe on ABC 4, or HERE to find an Easy Eggs Benedict recipe.

Bath Products, Kitchenware, & Gift Certificates

Harmons also has amazing local bath products from “The Soap Lady,” fantastic kitchenware items in the home department, gift certificates for a cooking class and more.

Mini Cake Decorating

For a fun Mother’s Day treat Saturday, May 10th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., you can bring your kids to any Harmons location to decorate a mini cake for mom, along with a custom card.

 Pick up some beautiful flowers, get a cooking school gift card, or have the kids decorate a special cake at Harmons!


Beat summer boredom with Sassafras

July 28, 2013

eyeballThis is a super fun, super cute, new kids baking line. What little boy would not love making Uck! Yuck! Worms in Muck?! It’s a chocolate pudding mix with gummy worms and cookie crumble. Or maybe he would enjoy an Edible Eyeball sugar cookie kit. Is there a little girl in your house? She may enjoy the Fairy Princess sugar cookie kit or the Flower Pot pudding kit. They have many other kits to choose from, I just listed a couple of my favorites. They also have kid’s aprons, oven mitts, kid sized gadgets, and hats. This is a new line that Harmons is trying out so there are only two locations that you can get these at right now.

1)   The District 11453 South Parkway Plaza, South Jordan UT

2)   Bangerter Crossing 125 E 13800 South Draper UT

It’s that time of year – Berry Season!

June 17, 2013

I don’t know about you, but I love BBQ’s in the summer. Well, after hanging out in the hot sun all day one of my favorite treats a strawberry short cake.  It just tastes fresh and light.  When we have our family BBQ’s there are about 30 of us so to make my job easier I love these kitchen gadgets.

strawThe Chefn StemGem
Adorable and simple to use, the Stem Gem™ strawberry-stem remover will appeal to both children and kitchen-gadget fiends alike.

• Unique design hulls strawberries effortlessly
• Simple to use push button mechanism
• Fun strawberry design is easy to find in drawer
• Top rack dishwasher safe
• A must have for summer

The Chefn Strawberry Slicester
The Strawberry Slicester™ is the ultimate gadget for anyone who loves strawberry pie, fruit salad, strawberry tarts, strawberry smoothies and homemade ice cream toppings. Safer and easier to use than a knife, the Strawberry Slicester™ slices whole strawberries into perfect pieces with a quick squeeze of its handle. Continue Reading »

Juicing vs Blending

February 21, 2013
Valerie, Kitchenware Specialist

Valerie, Kitchenware Specialist

Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! Now into the new year, people have been asking me about the difference between juicing and blending, so I put this together. I hope it helps.

Juicing vs Blending (smoothie)
A juicer extracts the juice from the items you put in it, rejecting the rind, or pulp (basically the fibrous part of the fruit or vegetable) making the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants readily available to the body. A blender blends and emulsifies the ingredients, rejecting nothing but simply mashing it all up creating a thick, voluminous beverage. Both are largely beneficial and equally good to have for different reasons. Just remember, there is still nothing like eating the whole fruit or vegetable. Though it is true that too much fiber can sometimes block the absorption of nutrients, most people don’t even get the recommended amount of fiber per day as it is for that to be a concern.

Depending on what is being blended, the option is there to make a nutrient dense drink chock full of nourishing vitamins and minerals. I like to use Greek nonfat yogurt, fruits and green veggies (like kale or spinach). Change it up so you don’t get bored and you will give your body different vitamins and mineral this way. When you make a blended drink it keeps all the parts, just blends them up so it is more filling and can be used as a meal replacement. When I do this I like to add protein powder.

Juicing will allow immediate nutrient absorption into your body and there is no digestion needed to break down the fibers. You get the ability to consume a great deal of vitamins, minerals in one glass. Would you sit down and eat 5 carrots, an entire stalk of kale, a whole apple, 5 stalks of celery, half a bunch of parsley, and an entire cucumber all at once? Most likely not, but when juicing you can easily accomplish this. You still want to aim to eat two whole fruits, and three to four vegetables a day. Try for different colors, as the colors have different vitamins and minerals. “Don’t think because you’re juicing that you’re off the hook with eating fruits and vegetables,” says Manuel Villacorta, MS, RD, CSSD, an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesman and founder of Eating Free, a weight management program.

Things to be aware of when juicing.

* Make sure to wash all fruits & veggies well. You are eating these raw so make sure they are clean.

*Juices need to be consumed right away for the maximum benefit. If you have some leftover, and simply wanted to make a larger batch, store in an air tight, dark container so the juice will not have any exposure to air or light, and refrigerate immediately. Use your extra juice within 24 hours. Light and air destroys much of the antioxidants and enzymes which is the reason juicing is so beneficial to us.

*The sweetest fruits and veggies to juice are carrots, apples, & beets. Add some to your veggies to sweeten & make it more palatable if you don’t like green juices and other veggies alone.

*Juices are not to be mistaken for a meal. These are not meal replacements so eat a healthy meal with your juice. Unless you are going on a proper juice fast and check with your doctor before starting your fast.

*If you use mostly sweeter veggies and fruits (ie carrot, apple, beets) or any other item that is higher in sugar, keep in mind this will elevate blood sugar levels and prepare accordingly (like eating something with it).

Blending and juicing is an easy way to increase the amount of vegetables, especially those greens, into your diet without having to make a meal of it or tasting it either (for those who do not enjoy them so much). Either one you choose just think of the added vitamins and mineral you can get into your body. You will boost your immune system. You can reduce acidity and toxicity in your body. You will just fill better.

In the kitchenware department at Harmons we have a nice selection of blenders Cuisinart and Black & Decker. We do carry a great juicer by Cuisinart that does a great job with the hard veggie and the greens, some machines do not so be careful. I do recommend the Cuisinart because they are well made and they come with a 3 year warranty. So stop by and check out the department and please ask questions because we are happy to help!

Juicing Health Risks and Benefits –

Great Any-Budget Gift Ideas

December 14, 2012

Valerie, Kitchenware Specialist

Christmas is now in full swing, and is getting closer by the minute. The Kitchenware department has a large selection of excellent gift ideas to fit any budget. From the adorable recipe card with a cookie cutter tied on for $4.99, to the top of the line Cuisinart single serve brewing machine for $199.99. I own this machine. This wonderful machine makes everyone in my house happy. It brews the Keurig k-cups you can find just about anywhere. My kids love the hot chocolate and hot apple cider. My husband is a fan of the French roast coffee and I love the flavored coffees. Best of all it has a rinse feature that cleans between each cup so you do not mix flavors.

I put together a list of more top gift ideas for you  – I hope it helps you pick the perfect gift:

  • Tea is very popular these days. We carry a wonderful line called Tea Forte. Check out their web site if you have time. (It’s a good one!) Their packaging ranges from a 16 tea bag box for $5.99 to a loose leaf can that brews 50 cups for $9.99. If you have someone on your list that does not drink caffeine then Herbal is the one for you. Herbal teas are naturally caffeine free. While all tea is antioxidant-rich, some speculate that the minimal processing undergone by green tea allows more antioxidants to reach your final cup. With that being said, green teas are among the top sellers, and the green mango peach is one of my favorites. If your recipient is caffeine drinker then I recommend the Hazelnut Truffle, it’s a black tea. I was on a hot chocolate kick for a little while but we all know how much sugar and calories are in that. I can drink this now and I feel like I’m getting a special little treat in a cup without the guilt. If you want to take your tea gift one step further, there is the Kati cup also by Tea Forte. It’s a 12 oz. double-wall ceramic tumbler and integrated stainless steel infuser. It makes brewing loose tea by the cup simple and is dishwasher and microwave safe. It comes in assorted color and designs for $9.99. Continue Reading »

Video Demo: Showing off the Soda Stream

July 24, 2012

A little while back, Kitchenware blogger Karen introduced us to the Soda Stream. The machine is an economical way for soda drinkers to create their own soda at home in just a few easy steps. In this video Natasha from Harmons Draper demonstrates how the Soda Stream works. Fun and easy!

Give your fruits and veggie a bath!

July 10, 2012

Natasha, Kitchenware Specialist

My favorite part of summertime is the fresh produce, and in my world produce means one thing . . . it’s time to bring on the gadgets!  There a million and one produce gadgets that I can (and will) write about but I’d like to start with the often overlooked and somewhat boring colander.  Everyone has a colander but do you have one that really gets your produce good and clean?   One of my new favorite gadgets is the Soak and Strain from Art+Cook.  This colander allows you to let your produce really get a good soaking and that is how it actually gets clean.  I did a little research and found out that researchers at the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at TSU discovered that by simply soaking your produce in water you can remove 98% of bacteria.  So I like to pull my Soak and Strain out when I get home from the grocery store, throw whatever I can fit in and just let it soak.  After about 15 minutes I just tip the bowl and let the water run out of the silicone strainer attached to the side.  The bowl is white with red or green silicone and it’s super easy to use with a nice wide, angled handle.  I never thought I would get excited about a colander but it happened to me, maybe it will happen to you.

A New Voice for Kitchenware

May 29, 2012

Natasha, Kitchenware Specialist

Greetings! I’m Natasha the Kitchenware Specialist at the Harmons in Draper and I’ll be blogging for you. A little bit about me, while my work experience is mainly in food and sales, I also consider myself a foodie and a home cook. I love my job and so do my colleagues in Kitchenware at Harmons. If you walk into any one of our locations with a Kitchenware department you’ll find someone who is friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help you. You’ll also find an amazing assortment of kitchen gadgets, tabletop, and cookware. I’m looking forward to sharing my love for Kitchenware with you, so stay tuned!

Simple and affordable soda

April 12, 2012

Karen, Kitchenwares Specialist

Did you know that, according to a 2010 study in the New York Times, the average person consumes roughly 50 gallons of soda per year? You heard me . . . 50 GALLONS!!! That’s almost 534 12oz cans per person, per year! And here I thought I was the only one addicted to Diet Coke.

Setting aside the fact that that is ridiculously unhealthy (I prefer not to think about it), that much soda consumption is crazy expensive! Walk into a gas station and pick up just one 12oz bottle, and you’re going to spend $1.50 easy. Now, at 532 bottles per year, you’re spending almost $800. That’s doesn’t even include the $2-$3 energy drinks we buy on a daily basis. No wonder I’m broke!

But wait, there’s hope! The Soda Stream is a WAY more cost effective, and possibly even healthier, way to fill those carbonation cravings. The Soda Stream is a handy little machine that carbonates your water. Add a cap full of their soda mix to that carbonated water, and voila! Cola is born! One bottle of the soda mix costs about $5 and makes roughly 33 12oz cans of soda. Do the math here people . . . buy 33 sodas from a gas station, and you just spent over 50 bucks!

Just to add to the machines awesomeness, they have just about every soda flavor under the sun including Energy Drink (which tastes a heck of a lot like Red Bull). Now that one will REALLY save you some money! And on the healthier side, they make several all-natural flavors that will tickle your taste buds without packing on the pounds.

And what about camping? How annoying is it to try to lug a variety of everyone’s favorite soda up the canyon? The Soda Stream doesn’t need an energy source, so it’s extremely portable. Just bring the machine (not much bigger than a loaf of bread) and a couple little bottles of mix and everyone is happy! Especially your tired muscles that won’t have to lug that extra cooler to the camp sight.

Fashion World Meets Kitchen World

March 15, 2012

Karen, Kitchenwares Specialist

Hello people! And welcome me home from Chicago!!

I just spent the last week at the most amazing event – The International Home and Housewares Show! Now, I have been to some amazing places, and seen some incredible things in my life, but this show takes the cake. The level of creativity and innovation that was emanating from the hundreds and hundreds of booths, and the thousands of new and wonderful products that they have come up with, was overwhelming to say the least. From the interchangeable peeler, to the garlic press that ALSO removes the skin, my head was reeling. With the aid of my fabulous sales director Julie though, I was able to hold myself together . . . barely. When all was said and done, we decided on a slue of new fun amazing things to bring into Harmons for 2012 that I personally HAVE to have in my kitchen, and you will too!! I will be introducing them to you a bit at a time as my blogs progress, but for now I wanted to touch on color.

Fashion is everywhere. From the clothes we wear, to the design of the pillows that we choose for our loveseat, the things that we decide to surround ourselves with tell a story about who we are. It’s no different in the kitchen. Heck, it’s probably even MORE important in the kitchen, since the good majority of us spend such an extraordinary amount of time in there. Over the years, little by little, the housewares/kitchenware industry has been adding not only more functional items, but more colorful items as well. And I’m happy to say that, after seeing the new gadget and cookware designs at this show, the fashion world is about to make a serious stamp on our kitchens! From spatulas to knives (that’s right I said knives) the variety of new colors and fun designs that these people came up with will really make your kitchen sing! Shoot, they nearly made ME sing right there on the buying floor, but (due to the thousands of people around me) I settled for humming a little ditty under my breath.