Bringing the heat in the bread

July 14, 2011
Jason in Bakery

Jason, Artisan Baker

I enjoy all of our artisan breads and the Jalapeno Cheddar bread is no exception! Jalapeno Cheddar bread is comprised of flour, water, sea salt, jalapeno and cheddar cheese. Like all of our artisan breads, it is made and baked from scratch. It’s the bread of the day every Monday! If you like a little heat this is the bread for you. It’s a terrific choice to use in place of a hamburger bun, grilled cheese sandwich or one of my favorite things to use it for is to toast it and put a smear of cream cheese on it. In my opinion it is better than a bagel and cream cheese! So, make your blue Monday a little brighter and grab a loaf of Jalapeno Cheddar Bread.

Carnations & Why I love them . . .

July 12, 2011
Kristie in Floral

Kristie, Floral Manager

What inspires you?
By now, you may have figured out a bit of what I am derived of: Fashion, Interiors and Floral. Over the years I have had the opportunity and privilege of doing some really grand floral arrangements for large scale events and very high end fashion shows. Collaborating with some of my best “designer” friends on the designs was most inspiring in creating that “perfect” setting for an event. Color, texture and design composition would create an elegant or modern feeling with the selection of blooms and decoratives to enhance the setting.

TEXTURE; Firm ruffles and depth
What catches your eye?
Using carnations together in a mass was always the most successful for me. A wide stripe of the deepest purple carnation, towering 5 feet above the floor standing vase and cradled with large bamboo stocks – purple stripe running up the middle. This created a focal point of texture. The deeper the hue, carnations tend to look velvety, lush and mysterious in their appearance. I have used carnations to create flower balls, and flower “poufs” for impact of color and texture. Event attendees would walk up to the “stripe” or the “pouf ” asking what kind of flower is this? When we replied, carnations, a gasp was the first response and then the ooohs and aahhhs followed. Never suspecting a carnation, yet most convincing in their appearance and how rich they have become in their uses.

COLOR; Before flower selection?
Yes always. A new selection of carnations have been produced from many farms around the world. While the traditional colors still remain strong, there are many vintage looking characters popping up. Recently I encountered a few colors of this new range of hues that has stayed on my mind for a while. My brain starts creating events and environments around these colors. Slightly crazy I know – it’s like buying the shoes before the outfit! Yes, I do that too. Continue Reading »

Harmons Visionary Awards – Customer Choice Entry

July 7, 2011

Have you experienced exceptional service from a Harmons associate? Is there someone who went above and beyond to take care of you? Is there someone who always makes your day when you see them in the store?

Here is your opportunity to recognize amazing associates who have exceeded your expectations, performed a caring and thoughtful act, or made you smile on a bad day. Tell us your story and nominate you special associate for this year’s Customer Choice Visionary Award. Each year we also recognize associates in the categories of Innovation, Hero, Inspirational Leader, and Community Service. If you are a Harmons associate and would like to nominate a coworker, please speak with your People Support Manager. Continue Reading »

Fun cooking with kids!

July 4, 2011

Jessica, Registered Dietitian

With Station Park open for just about 2 months now, we’ve had a chance to offer some fun and delicious cooking classes for kids and their families. We filled up quickly for our first The Kids Cook Monday class on June 13, with homemade pizza, salad, and gelato with berries on the menu. Our next The Kids Cook Monday will be on Monday (of course!) July 18 at 6:00 pm at Station Park. This time we will cook up pesto chicken panini (with veggies….and yes, your kids will eat them), couscous with black beans, and fruit skewers with yogurt dip.

So what is The Kids Cook Monday all about? It is part of a national movement called The Monday Campaigns, which focuses on dedicating the first day of every week to health. The Kids Cook Monday at Harmons is an opportunity for families to prepare and share a meal together in our cooking school kitchen. Our chef will demonstrate how to prepare the recipes, I will interject with why the food is a healthy choice, and you will then get to cook your meal as a family! Sound like fun?  It is . . . and delicious! You can sign up for the July The Kids Cook Monday on our Cooking School page, only $10 per person for more than 1 person. Continue Reading »

Great Pairings

July 1, 2011
Shauna in Cheese

Shauna, Cheese Monger

Hello Everyone,
This week I and some of our other mongers are doing a tour of Wisconsin courtesy of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. This gives us a chance to meet the cheese makers from Satori and Carr Valley to name a few. I hope that we will find a few new cheeses to bring back with us.

Here at Station Park we have started our wine and cheese classes. Sheral Schowe of Wasatch Academy of Wine and her staff picked Washington wines for the first class and we paired up the wines with some great Washington cheeses. The wines were three whites: Chateau Ste. Michelle Pinot Gris, L’ Ecole 41 Semillion and Eroica. The reds were Sagelands Merlot, Magnificent Syrah and Andrew Will Champoux Vineyard. We paired these wines with Beechers Flagship Cheddar, Marco Polo and No Woman Cheddar, all from Washington. We also had Rogue River Oregnzola Blue from Oregon, Laura Chenel’s Goat Tome from California and we put in Dulcenea, a farmstead aged sheep’s milk cheese from Lark’s Meadow Farm. This is a new cheese for us out of Rexburg Idaho.

The Flagship Cheddar was the winner across the board. The No Woman paired the best with the Merlot and the Marco Polo cozies up to the Syrah quite well. An honorable mention to Dulcenia with the Pinot Gris. The next class will be held on July 16 and will be Food Friendly Rosés. Hope to see you there.

Perfect for Parties – Crostinis

June 30, 2011
Jason in Bakery

Jason, Artisan Baker

With the 4th and 24th of July rapidly approaching, I’m sure you have a party or two planned, or have been invited to one. So, one idea of what to serve is our CROSTINIS, made from our baguette, olive oil, parmesan cheese, sea salt and garlic powder. Then they are baked until slightly crispy. They are very versatile, some customers will even eat them like potato chips, use them as a base for hor devours, or use them to hold our cheeseball from our delicatessen. Another favorite is placing a spoonful of the bruschetta from our produce dept. Bruschetta is red tomatoes, olive oil, sea salt, fresh basil and garlic. I think the Crostini and bruschetta were made for each other. Every party that I’ve hosted or have been to that has served Crostinis and brushetta has run out! Light, fresh and delicious. Come in and try a sample, then you will see that they were made for each other!

Why are some cholesterol medications taken at night?

June 29, 2011

Phil in Pharmacy

Phil, Pharmacy Manager

More cholesterol is made in your liver at night while sleeping. Most statin cholesterol medications are recommended to take at night for this reason and will work better if taken as directed. Cholesterol medications with niacin are taken at night so you will sleep through the flushing they can cause. For more information about your cholesterol medications, talk to your Harmons pharmacist.

Staghorn Fern – Antler Envy

June 27, 2011

Kristie in Floral

Kristie, Floral Manager

Okay . . . this is interesting. This unique specimen that we have recently encountered in our floral departments is so odd and yet so beautiful at the same time and surely fascinating.

This strange creature resembles antlers, fuzz and all. In the botanical world it’s called an epiphyte, meaning: a plant that derives it’s moisture and nutrients from the air and rain. It usually grows on another plant.

In its natural environment it grows on trees, sending its roots into the bark. It prefers temperatures above 60 degrees. (Don’t we all) It will be happy inside with bright filtered light, but prefers the shade under a tree or patio in summertime – morning sun is okay for this little fella. However, not so little in some of their environments where they can remain outside throughout the year, they can become very large.

For a twist this plant can be mounted on a piece of cedar drift wood and require very little care. I have seen these specimens growing this way and it is really fascinating. Check out these pictures, amazing! Hang it from the ceiling of a patio awning and it’s an immediate member of the family! More pictures are available at showing interior possibilities and exterior options. Really fun, and doable with any decor. How To’s are available at for mounting instructions and care of your stag. A new addition to the taxidermy decor.

Most Staghorn ferns are native to the rainforests in Africa, Tropical Asia and Madagascar. One species is present in South America. They reproduce primarily from spores on the underside of the fronds. The tiny spores blow in the wind and begin the cycle all over again.

So rather than traveling to Asia, take a trip and travel to any of your local Harmons Floral Departments to view these unique objects and pick one up for a new twist to your garden and decor and definitely a new topic of conversation. You will be the only one on your block to have one of these, until they see yours. Antler envy!

I am so doing this!

New hat for Emigration Market

June 25, 2011

During the normal course of renovation to the new Harmons Emigration Market, it was discovered the roof deck needed to be upgraded. In order to maintain the historical integrity of the building and the beautiful look of the wood ceiling, we wanted to keep with the tongue and groove panels. To do that we had to find someone who still handcrafted the tongue and groove planks that we needed. There are only a couple manufacturers in the country who do, and we found one in Washington who specializes in this detailed work to create our new custom roof deck. The new 20 foot long planks have arrived and are in the process of carefully being installed one by one.

Before the new roof deck could be assembled, the old one had to go away. Here is a short video of the quick and easy way to remove a tongue and groove roof deck.

Red, White and Blueberries

June 24, 2011
Derick in Produce

Derick, Produce Manager

Blueberries are the ultimate American fruit. Not only are they one of the few fruits native to America, this amazing fruit changes colors as they grow, starting out white then turn red and finally blue once they are ripe. How patriotic! Blueberries are at their peak volume and flavor just in time for Independence Day. Watch for the special pint and 2 pound packs to be hitting the shelves in July. Now is the time to break out Grandma’s blueberry cobbler recipes or your get your canning jars ready. So enjoy your Fourth of July with the true blue American fruit!