Texas Toast

June 22, 2011
Dave for Gluten Free

Dave, Gluten Free Advocate

One thing I have struggled with since I started eating gluten free is that everything you prepare for dinner is very time consuming since you are basically making everything from scratch. I don’t know about you, but for my family that gets even more difficult in the summer time. It seems that there is so much more going on like baseball games, yard work, and just simply enjoying the weather. For most people the solution is simple, stop by your favorite fast food place and pick up a burger or a bucket of chicken, but for someone with celiac disease it’s not that simple. First of all, if there is something on their menu that is gluten free there is a very high probability of cross contamination and a general lack of knowledge that often leads to unintentional mistakes. I was recently eating at a chain restaurant that does have a gluten free menu. When I placed my order I was filled with confidence thinking that since they have this gluten free menu they must be educated about what gluten is, but sadly when my order came out of the kitchen there was a big piece of texas toast right on top of my steak. I wasn’t angry, mistakes happen, but if it can happen at a place with a special gluten free menu I figure it can happen anywhere. So, the alternative is to make it at home and take it with you. I like to take our Harmons rotisserie chicken and remove the bones, cut it in to bite sized pieces, and toss it in a nice green leaf salad with onions and bell peppers – it only takes five minutes to prepare and the end result is delicious and satisfying.

So you can make healthy quick gluten free meals it just takes a little creativity, and some thinking out side of the box.

Favorite quick and healthy weeknight meal

June 20, 2011

Jessica, Registered Dietitian

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, I find I don’t want to spend all night in the kitchen — I’d rather be enjoying the great outdoors for as long as possible. So when it’s 8 pm before I finally get around to making dinner, I want something quick, light, and healthy. Lately, my go-to meal is a versatile pasta dish adapted from the May 2011 Italy Issue of Bon Appetit Magazine. I love that I can use whatever fresh veggies I have on hand. This is really great if you have a garden too — you can pick fresh veggies as they are ready and have a different dish each time you make it. Because there are so few ingredients in this dish, the key is to use high quality, fresh ingredients.

Delicious and Healthy Pasta
Keep in mind, I’m not a chef, so this won’t be the most technical recipe . . . a little of this and a little of that Continue Reading »

We made cheese!

June 17, 2011
Shauna in Cheese

Shauna, Cheese Monger

This week I was able to do one of my favorite things; go make cheese with Beehive Cheese Company. All of Harmons’ cheese mongers were invited to make one of their newest cheeses, Teahive, a cheddar rubbed with Earl Gray tea.

Beehive Cheese Company has only been around for seven years but what a seven years. Partners Pat Ford and Tim Welsh make award winning cheeses with their own twist. The most famous of them is Barely Buzzed, a cheddar style cheese with a espresso and lavender rub. This wonderful cheese won best flavored cheddar in 2007, 2008 and 2009 at the American Cheese Society’s annual competition. My favorite of their line (so far) is Full Moon, an a award winning raw milk cheddar. Their new cheese, Teahive, will be available during the holidays exclusively at Harmons.

If you have never tried Beehive cheese come on in and just try a sample. Their cheeses are amazing, buttery, nutty and some of the best balanced cheeses out there.

Pat, Tim and their families are so welcoming every time we visit. Some of the best people I know. If you ever come to the Farmer’s Market and see their cool camp trailer, stop and chat for a minute. I think that you will agree with me.

Challah bread waffles

June 16, 2011
Jason in Bakery

Jason, Artisan Baker

As I was pondering what I was going to blog about, I recalled that I haven’t talked about the challah bread much. Challah bread is made with flour, water, eggs, butter, yeast, salt, milk and sugar. Looking at the ingredients, I probably don’t have to tell you how delicious it tastes. Those of you who are loyal challah bread consumers already know how delicious it is when you make it into french toast, but last week I tried a new twist on this wonderful breakfast item. I prepared it like I always do, in my egg mixture I put nutmeg and cinnamon, then instead of using a frying pan I used my waffle iron. The flavor and texture was completely different, slightly crispy. Plus, you also get terrific pockets for the syrup to hang out in. Does anyone else use this method? Or do you prepare it a different way? I am interested in your feedback.

Safety first with new fireworks laws

June 15, 2011

Changes to the Utah Fireworks Act will affect the sale and setting off of fireworks in our state this year. Aerial cake fireworks are now legal in Utah and you will be able to purchase them at all Harmons locations. To make sure you understand exactly what you are purchasing, store associates attended a safety and education meeting at TNT Fireworks last night. They learned all about the features of these new types of fireworks allowed in Utah and what makes an aerial cake different from a fountain. The newly legal aerials can shoot up to 150 feet in the air, yet are designed to come down cool.

To make sure you are educated about these new products, the aerials will be kept separate from the standard fireworks. This is not being done to restrict your access, but rather to ensure that you are being fully educated on the difference with these new types of fireworks. We want to make sure you are having a good time while maintaining a safe environment for you and your family. Continue Reading »

Getting an accurate blood pressure reading

June 15, 2011

Phil in Pharmacy

Phil, Pharmacy Manager

Is your blood pressure machine accurate? My blood pressure seems to be higher on this machine? We are often asked these questions at the pharmacy. The blood pressure machines are serviced regularly and are accurate if a few simple steps are followed. These steps are also important when using a blood pressure machine at home. First, make sure you haven’t exercised, had caffeine, or smoked within the last 30 to 60 minutes. Second, it is important to rest for 5 minutes with both feet flat on the floor and not talk while the blood pressure machine is taking the reading. A lot of people get an elevated blood pressure reading because they skip this step. Third, the blood pressure cuff should not be over clothing and when using a machine at home it is important to use the correct cuff size. If the cuff is too big the reading will come back lower and if the cuff is too small the reading will come back higher than it really is. For more tips on monitoring blood pressure or to learn more about your medications, please talk to your Harmons pharmacist.

Brandt Farms Taste

June 11, 2011

Derick in Produce

Derick, Produce Manager

The sun is finally shining and summer is well on its way, and the California tree fruit is making its way into the produce department. We are proud to offer the most consistently good peaches, nectarines and plums I have ever had from California. We are working direct with Wayne Brandt of Brandt Farms in Reedley, California who has been producing great tree fruit for three generations. Their commitment to quality and focus on TASTE not shelf life ensures ripe fruit is delivered directly to our stores. Come on in and taste some sunshine.

Amazing (and stylish) examples of reuse

June 9, 2011

Carrie, Green Team Member

This will be my last regular post in the Sustainability category because I will switch to another topic I am equally as passionate about. You’ll meet the new person in a couple weeks, and I assure you that this person is very committed to sustainable practices both at Harmons and at home. I want to leave you with something fun today and challenge you to beat these efforts . . .

When talking about the three R’s, we seem to focus on the recycle piece most of the time instead of the first or second words. We have a few ladies in our community who have found creative ways to reuse grocery bags and are great examples of the second R – Reuse.

We don’t know who the first two ladies are, but their sense of style and colorful approach to festive outfits is very impressive. These photos were sent to us by our friend Continue Reading »

Grilling time is finally here!

June 8, 2011
Dave for Gluten Free

Dave, Gluten Free Advocate

For those of you who have been waiting all these long cold months for grilling season to get here, the wait is finally over. Lucky for you, shopping at Harmons means that you get the finest freshest product available to throw on that grill of yours, and you may be surprised to find out that you can cook things other than meat on your grill.

Two of my favorite items to grill are pineapple and corn on the cob. Grilling these two items adds a distinctive depth to their flavor that is to die for. But if you want to stick with the classics, our meat department does carry the absolute best beef, pork, chicken, and lamb available. We have a full line of gourmet burgers, kabobs and prime grade all natural aged Angus beef steaks available in our full service meat counters ready for you to take home tonight. Most of the items in our full service meat case are gluten free, but for piece of mind here is a list that may help: Continue Reading »

New homes!

June 7, 2011

Thirty-five cats and dogs now have new homes thanks to everyone who adopted four-legged family members this past weekend. The Adopt-a-Thon, the third event held at Harmons stores, helped dogs and cats from the Humane Society of Utah find new loving homes. With the adoption of an animal, new owners received a $25 coupon for Purina products, 2 Purina pet bowls, a leash for dogs, a carrier for cats and a $25 coupon for Pedigree products.

We are also having a “Love Your Pet” sale through June 12th. We will have Purina Dog Chow, Pedigree Dog Food, pet dishes, pet water bottles, bones, leashes, beds, toys, cat food and cat litter on sale!

Mark your calendars – Harmons will be hosting another Pet Adopt-a-Thon on Saturday, September 17th.

Did you adopt a dog or cat from an adoption event at Harmons? We would love to see how they are doing today – send us a picture of you and your pet, let us know which store you adopted your pet from, and give us an update on their new life.