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Baking Series Class 1: QUICK BREADS

Baking Series Class 1: QUICK BREADS Item No. BSQB20120926

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Class Type:

H Hands-On

Class Description:
Join the National Pastry Chef of the Year for either one class or sign up for the whole series of baking classes. This first class we will make quick breads and what classifies a pastry as a quick break. A pastry series like non other and taught by the best pastry chef in the nation!
Wed, September 26, 2012
6:00 PM (2-3 Hours)
Harmons City Creek
135 East 100 South
Salt Lake City
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Class Menu:

Mojito Cupcakes, Cranberry Orange Scones, Banana Bread & Lemon Glaze, Blue Cheese & Bacon Cornbread

Special Notes:

This is the first class of 5 for a pastry series. You can pay for the whole series by calling Kristen at 801-428-0365. The total for the series is $150.00 otherwise the price would be $200.

  • Class 1: Quick Breads
    • Class 2: Cookies
      • Class 3: Pies & Tarts
        • Class 4: The Take on Cake
          • Class 5: Bread Boot Camp