Cooking School

Chef Aaron

Chef Aaron BallardAt a young age Chef Aaron could be found experimenting with new tastes and flavors as he played in the kitchen. Cooking and fine food was an inherent love. He has many fond memories of waking on Sunday morning to the smell of sticky buns and refrigerator rolls, or dining over a midnight snack of liver and onions washed down with home brewed root-beer. His parents were always inviting him to try new foods, from Pacific North West oysters fried fresh at Pikes Place Market to pungent Durian from the local Asian market, Chef Aaron is passionate about the thrilling exploration of flavor.

As a young man living in Washington DC Chef Aaron could often be found sampling foods from Haiti, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India, China, Africa, Russia, and Europe, all while grilling the cook on the methods and culture that surrounded each region's fare. "It is hardly the diplomat that represents a nation, but rather the dinner plate."

Chef Aaron attended Culinary School at the Culinary Arts Institute at Utah Valley University, achieving high marks in his program with a GPA of 3.8. He has trained with French, Asian, European, and American chefs and was a student of Adalberto Diaz; national pastry chef of the year (2012).

Chef Aaron has worked in the grocery, food manufacturing, brewing, and restaurant industry for more than a decade. He is a passionate chef and hobby vintner and brewer. "Fermentation is a form of natural food preparation as old as life on earth. It unlocks the most intriguing and complex flavors from the simplest ingredients."

Chef Aaron has been a performing artist for over twenty years singing and playing guitar, piano, cello, drums, and ukulele. He is accustom to being on stage and brings a unique flair to his teaching style. He loves to teach and share his knowledge and love for good food, drink and new flavors.