Cooking School

Chef Bob Bryant

Instructor Chef Bob BryantChef Bob Bryant has been preparing culinary delights for Utahns for the last 37 years. He started his culinary education at fifteen years old washing dishes at a restaurant called VanderWerffs. When the broiler person didn't show up for their shift the owner asked Bob if he knew the difference between burnt and raw. Thus, his career in the culinary arts started on the broiler.

Chef Bryant parlayed that initial experience into what he calls his classical education in culinary arts. He mentored with chefs Cal Thompson and Glen Sandberg. He trained with some of the best chefs in Utah including chef Bob Horn.

As his experience progressed he reached a huge turning point when he went to work with chef Phil DeMotte. At their first meeting Bryant felt there was nothing DeMotte could offer to enhance his already lengthy culinary pedigree. DeMotte's style and techniques soon challenged Bryant to experiment with flavor using his own palette. Bryant credits DeMotte with influencing his own style by moving beyond classical and venturing into new forms of the culinary arts.

Chef Bryant soon moved into the role of owner. He opened Café Rude in downtown Salt Lake City where he offered an eclectic fusion menu to diners. Some of you will recall these well known delights: Shrimp from Hell, Jalapeno pockets, and the Rude Smothered Burrito. He later moved into ownership of another culinary venture with a catering company.

Seeking a spiritual respite from the every day grind he moved to Antimony, Utah where he cooked for the Rocking Dude Ranch. It was while in Antimony that he fell in love with a local girl he later married. Yearning for a larger experience he soon found himself back in Salt Lake City.

Chef Bryant currently works with Harmons Cooking School and Harmons is excited to being working with Chef Bryant. While he took a break from Cooking School to lend his expertise to other areas of the company for a while, he is now back teaching at the new Station Park store. We know he offers a diverse mix of culinary talents to enrich anyone attending our cooking classes. His background, experience, and style delivers a unique cooking environment in the classroom.