Great Food


Quality for your family

At Harmons Meat Department, freshness is measured by hours not days. We adhere to the highest quality standards when preparing our products and our associates take great pride in their work. In our Meat Department you will find a wide selection of products that are perfect for any meal. We have flavors of sausage for every palette, only choice and prime grade beef, local Morgan Valley lamb, recipe ready chicken and plenty of chef prepared meals ready for your oven or grill. If you are looking for unique fare, we also carry bison and other specialty meats. If you need advice on cooking any item in our department, just ask one of our experienced butchers or service counter associates.

Recipe Ready Chicken

Our most popular signature item in Harmons Meat Departments. Imagine not… More


We offer more than 25 flavorful varieties of sausage, with more on the horizon. Harmons sausages are made from all natural ingredients, spices blended specifically for Harmons and are prepared fresh daily in our stores. Our sausages contain no artificial additives, preservatives or fillers. From breakfast sausages to our signature brats, you will be sure to find a flavor to satisfy everyone at your table. Some of our daily and seasonal favorites include: Turkey Maple & Apple Sausage, Sweet or Spicey Italian Chicken or Turkey, Bob's Brats, Greek Chicken Sausage, Salmon Sausage, Country Style Sausage, Firehouse Habanera Brats and Garlic Chicken Brats just to name a few. 


Harmons only offers Prime and Choice beef, the two highest grades on the USDA grading scale. 

Prime Beef
All Harmons locations carry Prime Aged Angus All Natural beef in our service cases. Our USDA Certified Prime beef never has antibiotics, added hormones or artificial ingredients. All of our service case selections are cut and prepared in our stores.

Ground Beef
We only use ground chuck and ground round in our ground beef and it is 93% lean. We grind all of our beef in our stores several times throughout the day so that you can always get the freshest ground beef possible. We hold our ground beef to very strict standards and it has very short shelf time so that you have more time with it at home.


Prestige All Natural Pork is available exclusively at Harmons Meat Departments. Our pork has no added hormones, solutions or artificial ingredients - Never Ever. Since it is all natural it is a much healthier product for your family and has a more genuine pork flavor. Because All Natural Pork has not been injected with added solutions it can be overcooked easily, so it is very important that you follow you recipes closely and use and internal thermometer. Talk to your service counter associate or a Harmons Foodie for great pork recipe ideas.  

Dry Aged Beef

With a tender texture and superlative flavor, our dry aged beef is made from Prime Angus All Natural beef and is as good as it gets. Not to brag (well, maybe just a little) but you can't even get Dry Aged beef of this quality at some of Utah's best restaurants. Knowledge is power when it comes to that perfectly aged cut of beef. We carefully age our beef in cases that delicately balance time, temperature, air circulation and humidity. We know you are spending a lot on a delicious meal and we will be happy to educate you on how to properly prepare and cook your choice cut. In order to maintain the integrity of the product and guarantee the quality of your selection, the full aging process must be attained. To guarantee we will have the cuts you desire available and aged to perfection, our Meat Specialists will be happy to take orders for Dry Aged Beef. 
Dry Aged beef is available at our 7th Street, Draper, Bangerter Crossing, Brickyard, St. George, The District and Orem locations.

Chef Prepared Entrees

Let us do the preparing and you can do the cooking. Our chef prepared entrees are tested and quality recipes prepared fresh in the store daily. We offer a variety of daily and seasonal specialties such as Bob's Burgers, Chicken Cordon Blue, Chicken Grillers, Kabobs and a variety of fresh made sausages.