Great Food


Rambitan? Buddah Hand? Dragon Fruit? Yes, we know what those are and can tell you all about them. Our knowledgeable produce associates can tell you anything you need to know about any of the fruits or vegetables in our Produce Department. These associates need to know a lot because we have, on average, more than 350 items. Did you know during certain seasons we carry up to 18 different apple varieties? Huge variety, exciting seasonal selections and freshly prepared salsas and trays makes produce the most extreme and dynamic department in the store.

One thing produce associates know a lot about is freshness. Ask any produce associate and they will tell you how hard we work to make sure you are buying the freshest produce available. Our six to seven days a week deliveries and truck to shelf handling ensures you can enjoy the produce at home longer than you would if it had been sitting in a storage cooler for a few days. Many of the local growers can deliver fresh produce to our stores the same day, or the day after, the fruit or vegetable is picked or harvested. Another way we keep your precious produce fresh is by keeping it safe. Our checkers take care to handle your produce gently, bag the items themselves and set it aside as to not be bruised and damaged by the rest of your items.

Fresh Made Salsas

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Fresh Cut Fruits & Vegatables

We make it easy for you to munch on your favorite healthy snacks. Let us do the work and you just enjoy. Berry bowls, melon mixes, crunchy carrot sticks and more are all washed, cut and carefully packaged in our stores every day. Have trouble trying to peel and slice jicama or butternut squash? Need a lot of sliced or diced peppers or onions for a recipe and don't have time to do it yourself? You're in luck - we've done it for you. Whether you want just enough to snack on at the office, want to treat your large party, or need some ready for cooking, we've got you covered. Speak with one of our friendly produce sous chefs for special orders and party trays.

Local Produce

What is better than getting produce fresh from the field, short delivery distances and keeping money and jobs in our communities? We work with many local growers who are committed to providing you the best produce around. We have several partners who grow specifically for Harmons, so you are sure to always get the pick of the crop. Harmons started as a fruit stand with local offerings and we continue to remain focused on keeping local produce a top priority.

Recipe Ready Mixes

Looking to prepare a festive stir fry or the family's favorite pot roast just got a little easier. Our Recipe Ready Mixes are already washed, cut, measured and ready to go. Our kabobs, grilling vegetables, fajita, stir fry and pot roast mixes gives you a jump start cooking some of your favorite healthy meals.

Organic Produce

We work hard to carry a wide selection of organic produce and continuously strive to offer great variety across all produce families. It is important you are given many choices when making selections and that is why we don't segregate our conventional and organic produce. While it is separated by dividers or other means so that it does not touch, conventional and organic produce within the same family groupings are side by side so that you can clearly see what is available and make the choice that is right for you. As important as it is for growers to follow the proper steps and procedures to ensure their produce is truly organic, it is just as important for us to maintain that integrity once it arrives to our stores. Our Bangerter Crossing and Station Park stores are USDA Certified Organic, as well as Emigration Market when it opens.