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Seafood Service Counter

Seafood Service Counter


Fresh seafood in a landlocked state? Well, when we're the first in Utah to receive Copper River Sockeye Salmon or we hand you King Crab legs that were crawling in the ocean less than 48 hours before, we would say that is pretty fresh!

With the ability to fly just about anything in from around the world, we are able to provide you with an incredible selection of fresh seafood items. Our incredible associates will help you in any way they can so you enjoy a great seafood meal at home that is more unique and fresh than what you find in some of the state's finest restaurants.

If it swims in the ocean, comes out of the ocean or lives near the ocean, we can get it for you. Just ask and we'll place a special order for you that will arrive within a week and sometimes even the next day.

Hawaiian Fish at Harmons

Hawaiian Fish
Harmons has fresh Hawaiian seafood available for you throughout the year. No need to wait for a special… More


From crab and lobster to shrimp and scallops, we have all the exoskeleton-bearing aquatic invertebrates you might want. Don't let fear and intimidation keep you from enjoying these delicious seafood selections. Our knowledgeable and friendly service counter associates will be happy to advise you on how to prepare, cook and serve your mussels, clams, oysters and more.

Fresh Fillets

Are you making grandma's famous breaded catfish? Did you dine on a wonderful monchong dish on a trip to Hawaii? Do you just want a make a simple and delicious trout dinner for your family? We carry a wide variety of fresh fillets from your common favorites to some you may need help with pronouncing the name. If we don't have what you are looking for, let us know and we can special order it and usually have it for you within a week.

Freshest Catch

Throughout the year there are many exciting seafood seasons and we highlight them all. King crab, halibut, salmon, cod and many other great seafood favorites are available fresh, never frozen, from the very start of their seasons. It may be swimming in the ocean today, but it can be in our store and on your dinner table tomorrow night.

The Freshest Catch - Checking Out The Boat - Up Close and Personal with the Crab