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Fresh Made Salsas

Fresh Made Salsas

Fresh Made Salsas

Feel the heat

Looking for an impressive party starter, a healthy after school snack for the kids or just something simple and delicious to take on the family picnic? Crisp onions, hot jalapenos, colorful bell peppers, fresh cilantro, aromatic garlic, a touch of lime and local all natural sea salt are combined each day to create Harmons Fresh Salsa. This isn't your regular, everyday, grab-off-the-shelf type of salsa. Well, technically you can grab it off the shelf everyday, but this certainly isn't your typical blend. Whether you choose the classic tomato based varieties with three levels of heat, or prefer the exciting and sweet pineapple version, the flavorful chunks of veggies and fruit will not allow you to be fulfilled with just one taste.

Our produce sous chefs prepare Harmons salsa fresh everyday, using only the best ingredients. Just as fruits and vegetables in the produce department go straight from the truck to our shelves, great care is taken to make sure our salsa contains only the top picks. Making salsa from scratch everyday ensures that you will receive the freshest product available. Do you know how to tell that you are getting the freshest salsa around? Take a look at the bottom of the container. Minimal juice at the bottom means the salsa is at its peak and won't cause your chips to get soggy. No one likes soggy chips.

Every container of Harmons Fresh Salsa is made using the highest quality standards created and upheld by an entire team of produce loving associates. Harmons salsa took more than a year to develop and was perfect after many recipe changes and a lot of testing. The salsa team developed, implemented and continues to maintain the strict procedures that ensure every bite of salsa exceeds your expectations and gives your taste buds a rush. You can feel confident knowing you will receive the same great salsa no matter which Harmons store you visit.

Just make sure you pair our salsa with a strong chip because there are no small wimpy bites tolerated with Harmons salsa. Be prepared for every chunky and zesty bite to leave you wanting more.

Choose from Jalapeno Mild, Serrano Spicy, Habanero Hot or Pinneapple. Be sure to try the new Harmons Guacamole - our own recipe, created and tested in our stores.