Fresh Foods

Fresh Foods Ordering Information

Complete Dinners and Meals
Complete dinners and meals are not just for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Throughout the year you can order a complete dinner or custom meal for your special dinner or event. Meals are made fresh, prepared and ready hot, and available to be picked up within 72 hours. (Shorter order times available during the winter holiday season.) Please no substitutions of items included in complete dinners. Because many different items are prepared in the delicatessen department area and the possibility of cross-contamination from the bakery department, we are unable to offer gluten free selections at this time.

Party Trays, Sweets, Breads & More
Party trays and sweet treats are available for pick up within 24 hours. Artisan breads are available for pick up within 48 hours. Pick up times are available each hour 9am-9pm. Orders placed between 8am - 6pm are available for pick up as early as 9am the next morning. Orders placed after 6pm are available for pick up as early as 1pm the next afternoon.

Pick the right store
Because some of our stores live in close proximity to each other, and some even in the same city, be sure you are selecting the store name most convenient to you. For example, Draper and Bangerter Crossing stores are both located in the city of Draper, and the Taylorsville and South Jordan stores are both located on Redwood Road. To ensure you are selecting your preferred pick up store, please review our store locations page before ordering.