Great Health

Jessica LaRoche

Jessica, Harmons' Registered DietitianJessica LaRoche is Harmons first Registered Dietitian and her home base is at the new Station Park store.

Jessica graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN and spent three years as a Cryptology Officer in the Navy. The time in the Navy provided opportunities to live in Pensacola, FL and two years in Misawa, Japan on an intelligence watchfloor. How does someone go from being a Cryptology Officer to a Registered Dietitian? Passion.

"In the Navy we had physical fitness tests, and running was one of the tests. I never enjoyed running, so I was always stressed out by it," explains Jessica. "Finally one day I realized that the running wasn't going to go away, so I started to do it more and finally I started to love it! It was then that I decided I wanted to run a marathon, which sparked my interest in nutrition."

Jessica's decision to make nutrition a career came after she started running marathons. She quickly learned the connection between nutrition, wellness and athletic performance. Exercise lead to wanting to eat better, and when eating better, she felt better and ran better. Wanting to share the wonderful wellness and nutrition connection with everyone, Jessica received her Master of Science in Nutrition from the University of Utah in 2010.

Prior to joining the Harmons family, Jessica was the Food and Nutrition Educator at McKay-Dee Hospital. In addition to experience in other nutrition and wellness services at McKay-Dee Hospital, Jessica has also spent valuable learning and working time with the Utah State Board of Education and LDS Hospital.

Jessica's main hobby is running. "Since I'm training for the Squaw Peak 50-miler in June and the Wasatch 100 in September, most of my free time is spent on the trails in the Wasatch Mountains," said Jessica. She is also excited to plant and grow fresh vegetables in her garden.

We are excited to learn and grow with Jessica as we explore all the ways a dietitian can help customers and associates live healthier lives. Jessica joins the family with a great passion for health and wellness and sharing her knowledge.