Great Health

Kayla Womeldorff

KaylaKayla is one of Harmons' incredible dietitians based at the Station Park store. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition from the University of Idaho in 2013, where she completed the Coordinated Program in Dietetics. In addition to her degree in Food and Nutrition, Kayla also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. While in college, Kayla developed an interest in the treatment of disordered eating, and focused on the principles of Intuitive Eating, an approach which helps people develop a healthy relationship with food.

Kayla has always had a passion for both food and nutrition. Before she attended college, she realized that the first things she would read in any magazine or website were the Health and Fitness articles. She then discovered that she could turn this excitement for nutrition into a career as a Registered Dietitian. After moving to the Salt Lake area in August 2013, she was so impressed by the culture of wellness and emphasis on healthful living at Harmons, and she knew it was a team she wanted to be a part of. Kayla is a firm believer that healthy and delicious are not mutually exclusive, and she is excited to teach people how to incorporate foods they love into a healthful, nourishing diet.

When she’s not at Harmons, Kayla enjoys running, skiing, cooking and shopping.