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Harmons Dietitians Choice

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What is Dietitians Choice?
Dietitians Choice was created by Harmons' dietitians to help make shopping for the most nutritious foods simple and convenient. We understand that reading the nutrition labels of every food you choose is time consuming and often confusing, so we're doing the work for you! You can feel confident that foods identified with the "Dietitians Choice" shelf tag meet the stringent nutrition criteria set by our dietitians Jonnell, Jessica, Laura, and Kayla.

How are the nutrition criteria determined?
Our Harmons' dietitians look at each food category separately when creating the nutrition criteria. For example, the criteria for "Bread" will be different from "Yogurt" because these foods have different nutritional attributes. The criteria are based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010, which are healthy eating guidelines based on the most recent scientific evidence. Using these guidelines, our dietitians choose Dietitians Choice criteria with the following nutrients in mind:

Foods and Nutrients to Increase

Foods and Nutrients to Decrease

Foods and Nutrients to Avoid

Whole Grains


Trans Fat

Fruits and Vegetables

Saturated Fat

Hydrogenated Oils


Added Sugar

Artificial Sweeteners



High Fructose Corn Syrup

Monthly Produce Highlights

Produce is one those amazing categories of food that fits perfectly into Dietitians Choice. Instead of tagging every single item, the dietitians will do a monthly highlight within the department. The highlights will include a fruit, vegetable and… More

Increase, Decrease or Avoid

In addition to tags on individual items, you will find easy-pointer category signs around the store. There are certain things you should look to increase, things to decrease, and some things you should avoid that the dietitians have worked to… More