Great Health

In the News

Learning together and staying informed

Confused about what you hear in the news? Are the health claims real? What is the right thing to do? Everywhere we turn there are health and wellness topics being presented to us, but what we hear can often be confusing or not clearly state all the facts.

Every month Harmons' Dietitians host a web meeting and conference call with associates throughout the company to discuss real-time topics related to health and wellness. They address current trends and questions in the news for the associates to share with the rest of their store teams. The goal of these learning sessions is to build upon the knowledge of our health and wellness associates so they are INFORMED, ENGAGED and CREDIBLE.

We will share the discussion topic presentation after each meeting.

4 Foods You Should Be Eating
Dairy Dilemma
Dash Diet

Sleep and Weight Gain
Eating on a Budget
Carbohydrate Confusion
Energy Drinks
Herb & Spices

Healthy Holidays
Vitamin D
Power Packed Lunch Box
Seasonal Eating
Packing the Right Foods for Backpacking
Endurance Sports Nutrition
Diabetes - An Overview
Foods that Fight - Eating for Cancer Prevention
Get Your Plate in Shape
Whole Grains


Probiotics and Prebiotics
Celiac Disease
Sugar Substitues
All Things Coconut