Meals for Holidays & Special Occasions

Let Harmons Delicatessen help take of the stress out of your holidays by preparing your entire meal. Whether your gathering is an intimate group of six or you invited all the extended family, we can prepare a meal for any number of guests. Your ham or turkey dinner will come complete with the stuffing, yams, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, rolls and don't forget the fresh pies from Harmons Bakery. Want to treat your guests to a fabulous turkey dinner in July? Not a problem. Our holiday meals are not just available during holiday times.

During standard holiday dinner seasons (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's), your holiday meal can be ready with 24 hours notice. Throughout the rest of the year we request 72 hours notice. When placing your order you will be directed to select a date, pick up time and store location. If the particular order time is not available - the delicatessens can only cook so many meals an hour - or the 24/72 hour window has closed, a notification will be displayed asking you to select a different time or date. Remember that you can always call the store if you have any questions about the meals or ordering. Not sure what store to order from? Be sure to take a look at our store locations and store names to correctly select the store most convenient to you.

Picking up your meal is simple! Just visit the Delicatessen of the store where you placed your order and pick up your meal. Since payment is done online, there's no need to visit a checkstand.