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Quality and Care

In the event the flowers or plants we receive are not of the quality suitable for the arrangement as ordered, or a particular product is unavailable, Harmons reserves the right to make appropriate substitutions. In this event, the integrity of the arrangement will not be compromised and will always be to the value as stated.

Since every flower has a different life expectancy and all cut flowers are perishable, the lifespan of any arrangement cannot be guaranteed. Get the most out of your arrangements and plants by giving a little attention and following some simple rules.

Flowers that have been put into oasis (the green foam block) need to stay hydrated to achieve the best longevity. Be sure stems are pushed into the oasis at least one inch and are well hydrated.

Fresh Floral CareTo achieve the best longevity of flowers in vases the following should be done: 

  ·  Remove flowers from the vase and discard dirty water

  ·  Refill with fresh water and floral food

  ·  Cut the end of flower stems, at an angle, to promote the flower to drink again and place flowers back into the fresh water

  ·  Keep fresh flowers away from heat such as direct sunlight or heat vents. Appliances such as televisions and computer monitors can give off heat that can quickly dehydrate flowers.

Every potted plant can have different watering and light needs. Most blooming plants will require more frequent watering while succulents and cactus need to dry out completely between watering. Foliage plants generally need to be watered once a week. Some blooming plants, like the Peace Lily, will let you know when it is thirsty. Most potted plants are forgiving and can be revived.