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From Fruit Stand to Super Market

A passion for perpetual learning, growth, and innovation have been the building blocks to help Harmons Grocery expand from a single fruit stand in 1932 to fourteen stores in 2011, and 16 by spring 2012. Still family-owned and operated, the Harmon family and extended family of associates continues our strive to provide a unique shopping experience through the finest and freshest quality products, local partnerships, exceptional value, and unequaled customer service.

When Jake and Irene Harmon opened The Market Spot in 1932, they had no way of knowing their combined drive and determination would lead to the opening of 16 stores and a family of almost 3,000 associates. The original Market Spot, located on the corner of 3300 South and Main Street, was the igniter of innovation for Harmons Grocery. Providing excellent customer service, staying open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offering the convenience of carrying grocery items along with fresh produce quickly established the reputation and popularity that would stick with what would eventually become Harmons Grocery.

The values, quality, innovations and integrity established by Jake and Irene have been carried on into the fourth generation of the Harmon family. Son Terry, along with his wife Doreen, believed in learning all aspects of the grocery business, maintaining the original concepts and values, and cultivating the standards that would help solidify the Harmons culture. Terry and Doreen's children Randy, Bob and Jamie also grew up in the family business and have all made distinct contributions to the growth of the company. New leadership is emerging from the fourth generation and their families as they work and grow along side their parents, aunts, and uncles. While each individual contributes their personal strengths, personalities and ideas, having grown up working in all departments of the stores gives them the understanding and appreciation of associates' responsibilities.

As Harmons Grocery continues to grow, so does the desire to learn and innovate. A commitment to valuing associates, customers and the community has opened the doors to many exciting growth opportunities. The legacy of The Market Spot and the dreams initiated by Jake and Irene live on in each Harmons associate. While Bob and Randy are the public face of Harmons, they will be the first to give credit to the more than 2,700 associates of the Harmons Family. From the board of directors to the newest associate, we are all part of the family. The traditions, values and expectations that Jake and Irene established in 1932 are still going strong 80 years later.

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