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Christopher M. Kingery

Christopher M. Kingery

Harmons Christopher M. Kingery Memorial Scholarship

2013 Scholarship Recipient - Rousselande Buissereth

2013 Information and Requirements

The Harmons Christopher M. Kingery Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Christopher M. Kingery, an 18-year old Associate who worked for the Harmons Cougar Place. He died in an accident while working at the store on September 28, 1997.

Chris graduated from Copper Hills High School in 1997. An excellent student, Chris was interested in photography and was on the high school Yearbook Staff. He attended Salt Lake Community College, where his goal was to work for the Forest Service. Everyone who knew Chris loved him. Those lives he touched with his wonderful smile and helping hand miss him very much.

The Harmons Christopher M. Kingery Memorial Scholarship recognizes Harmons' Associates who strive to achieve success in the home, school, work, and community.

The scholarship is intended to remember Chris as one who lived responsibly, with good moral standards, and exceptional kindness to all who knew him. The Selection Committee would like to recognize other Harmons' Associates with similar personal qualities.

This scholarship should also serve as a reminder that a safe working environment is the most important benefit that Harmons can provide for Associates.