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Buying locally and supporting local growers, farmers, artisans, businesses and communities has been a top priority of Harmons dating back to the original Market Spot. Focusing on local people and products creates benefits that reach far beyond our customers and local partners.

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Bringing in fruits and vegetables from local growers ensures you will be able to get produce at the peak of freshness. Our growers are able to provide superior produce picked at just the right time. Because it does not have to travel across the country, or from other parts of the world, there is no need for early picking, freezing or artificial ripening. Also, because we have growers who grow specifically for Harmons, we are often able to provide unique produce and offer produce that may otherwise be affected by national recalls, weather situations or other environmental occurrences.

Quality and freshness benefits extend to more local products than just produce. We visit many of our local partners and have been able to experience, and participate in, all the steps it takes to bring great products to our customers. From getting muddy with livestock and venturing into salt mines, to riding tractors and forming cheese wheels, we have seen first-hand the great pride and care that goes into finding, raising and making some of these wonderful products.

Go green, save the green, share the green. Sustainability, savings on multiple levels and keeping local dollars circulating through our local economy are all natural benefits of buying and selling local products. Traveling shorter distances means less fuel needs to be used, a reduction in both fuel emissions and transportation costs. Many of our local growers, farmers, and manufacturers practice organic and sustainable methods, reducing or eliminating chemicals entering our environment and our bodies. Someone has to pick the fruit, run the equipment, manage the accounts and drive the trucks. Supporting our local partners keeps jobs in our communities and money flowing through our local economy.

Harmons' Local Partners

Harmons works with hundreds of local growers, farmers, and businesses in Utah to bring you products from close to home More

Local First Utah

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Bryce Thornberg

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Vern Stratton Farms

Vern Stratton Farms

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Schmidt Produce

Schmidt Produce

Richard Schmidt is a third generation farmer. His grandfather emigrated from Germany in 1899 and… More
Stirling Fruit & Vegetable

Stirling Fruit and Vegetable Company

David Stirling and his family are 5th generation farmers in Hurricane, Utah. More
Beehive Cheese Company

Beehive Cheese Company

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Criminelli Meat


Artisan salami producer, Cristiano Creminelli, makes some of the best artisan salamis and sausages… More

Castle Valley Greenhouses

In 1978, Russell Christensen drilled a well for irrigation. The temperature… More

Manning Orchards

Manning Orchards in Layton, Utah has been bringing the community fresh, tree-ripened cherries for… More