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Harmons Cheese Mongers at Beehive Cheese

Beehive Cheese Company

Uintah, Utah

Harmons is proud to work with Beehive Cheese Company. Beehive Cheese makes many delicious varieties of artisan cheese right here in Uintah, Utah! Their cheese is made by hand in small batches and contains no hormones. In 2010, Beehive Cheese won Bronze at the World Cheese Competition. Their Promontory Smoked with Walnut Shells cheese won out of 2,440 entries from 34 countries! Harmons is currently Beehive Cheese Company's biggest customer!

Our cheese mongers work closely with the local company to ensure that you are getting the best cheese possible. If you have any questions about serving or eating this cheese, just ask!

Stop by any Harmons Cheese Island and try these flavors: Promontory, Rosemary, Caraway, Barely Buzzed, Apple Walnut Smoked, SeaHive, Emigrant, Habanero, Smoked Habanero, Squeaky Bee, Unitah Jack, Butter Bound.

Harmons cheese mongers went to Beehive Cheese Company to make Butter Bound cheese with the cheese makers. Look for this Harmons exclusive during the holiday season!