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Harmons' Local Partners

Harmons works with hundreds of local businesses to bring you products made close to home and to help support our local communities and economy. Here is a list* of products and services you will find at Harmons:

Activz Nutrition
Amano Chocolates
Apple Beer
Augason Farms (Dry Soup Mix)
Banquet Cheese
Beans & Brews Coffee
Bear River Jams_Jellies_Syrup  
Bear River Valley Cereal
Beck Family Farms
Beehive Cheese & Crackers (Rusk)
Bell Organic Gardens
Better Body Xagave Sweetener
Big H Root Beer Extract
Bio-35 Vitamins
Bowles Fry Sauce  
Bubba's Bagels  
Bubble & Bee Soaps
Budges Honey
Butchers Bunches Jelly & Jam
Caffé Ibis Coffee  
Call Farms  
Caramel Cob Popcorn
Central Milling
Chaparro's Tamales
Chavez Farms  
Cheese Bread Mania
Chef Shamy Butter And Sauces
Ck Farms  
Clinton's Granola Cereal  
Clinton's Jack Sprat Bread
Clover Club Potato Chips  
Club Mud Stoneware  
Cobia Creations Bread And Pancake Mixes  
Coeur D'Alene Bread  
Colby's Popcorn
Colosimo Sausages (Links & Counter)
Cornaby's Jelly, Jams & Syrup
Cox Honeyland Honey (Not Cox's Honey!!)
Creminelli Meat & Cheese
Crio Bru Coffee
Cy's Eclectic Bbq Sauce And Spices 
Daizy Chainz Fashion Accessories  
Dee's Cereal
Don Julio
Double-S Eggs  
Drake Family Farm Goat Cheese
Dunford Bread & Donuts
Dutch Mill Syrup & Imitation Vanilla  
Easy Fire Starters  
Edible Wasatch Magazine
Farr's Ice Cream (Includes Russell's)
Fat Boy Sandwiches
Ferrets Iron  
Finch Family Farms  
Fowers Fruit Ranch  
Gossner Milk & Cheese
Granato Parmesan Cheese
Grandma Della's Garden Relish  
Grandmas Country Cream Products
Grandpa's Kitchen Baking Mixes
Granny Delight Bread
Happy Monkey Hummus
Harward Farms
Heber Valley Cheese
Hiltd Raspberry Farm  
Hires Big H Fry Sauce
Hollow Farms Cheese Curds  
Honeyville Farms Assrtd Mixes
Howie's Premium Rootbeer  
Jack Holt Farms  
Jerrie's Bbq Sauce  
Kodiak Flapjack Waffle Mix & Syrup
Laurie's Buffalo Chips And Salsa
Lawford Syrup  
Laziz Hummus
Lehi Roller Mill
Lehman's Jam  
Leonard Disera Farm  
Lick'D Pops
Lionhouse Breads And Roll Mix
Ll Meat
Loftus International
Longboards Novelties  
Lucky Spoon Bakery Cookies
Maddox Turkey Steaks
Malt-O-Meal Cereal
Manning Orchard  
Maxfields Candy Co
Meadow Gold
Millcreek Cacao
Miller Honey
Miss Essies Bbq Sauce  
Morrison Meat Pies
Mrs. Cavanagh's
Mrs. Fields Cookies
Mt. Olympus Water
Nature Baked Granola
Nature Jim's Wheat Grass Alf Alfa
Neighborhood Bee Keeping
New Grains Gluten Free Bakery Breads & Baking Mixes
Norbest Turkeys
Nu Crisp Popcorn  
Oakdell Eggs
Old Nauvoo Jam  
Onera Spices
Pace Fruit Bars  
Paradise Punch Base  
Park City Coffee Roasters
Pepperlane Cheese
Petersen Farms
Pettingill Fruit Farms  
Pioneer Valley Jam & Jelly
Pop Art Popcorn
Prairie Grain Bread
Premium Creamies
Proof Pawsitive
Raw Melissa's Desserts
Red Barn Apple Juice
Red Rock Pistachio Orchard
Redmond Salt
Rhodes Rolls
Rico Brand Foods
Rockhill Cheese
Rocky Mountain Cocoa  
Rocky Mountain Pies
Rogers Eggs  
Rojas Farms  
Ruby Snap Frozen Cookie Dough
Russell's Ice Cream
Sandia Greenhouse
Schmidt Farms
Seal Sama Teriyaki Sauce
Shepherd's Chevere
Slideridge Honey & Honey Vinegar
Snap Daddy's Bbq Sauce
Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery
Some Dudes Fry Sauce
Stephens Cocoa Mixes
Stephen's Fry Sauce
Stirling Farms  
Stone Meats
Storey's Sweet Memories
Summit Ice
Sunnybay Marinade
Sweets Candy
Terrels Butter And Rolls
The Soap Lady
Tom's Gourmet Ice Cream Topping  
Treasure Foods Butter
Tree Hugger Granola
Uinta Beer
Utah Dk Truffles Llc  
Utah Valley Fruit  
V's Chocolate
Wasatch & Squatters Beer
Weeks Berries Of Paradise Frozen Jam
Wholesale Fishing  
Wicked Audio
Wild Coyote Foods
Winder Dairy Products
Windmill Farms Jellys, Jams & Salsa  
Yee-Haw Pickles
Z Pasta  
Zarbees Cough Syrup

*This list is a representation of local products found in the stores and businesses/products on the list are subject to change. Due to production, availability, seasonality, or distribution, not all items may be available at all Harmons locations.