Great Prices

Working hard to show the savings

We know saving money on your grocery shopping is important and that is why we work so hard to bring you great prices throughout the store everyday. We do our homework in surveying other grocers so that we remain competitive on all of your favorite items. While it is not feasible to always have the lowest prices on every single item and stay in business, we are committed to offering the best value on any given day.

Throughout the year we offer great opportunities to take advantage of even better values than our everyday competitive pricing. Our Case Lot, Meat Madness and Stretch Your Dollar sales are just a few examples of ways to enhance your everyday savings. Look for our seasonal and themed specials such as our Citrus sale, Berry Mania, Melon Mania, international foods features and many more.

With clearly marked and easy to read signage, we make it easy to identify sale prices, great values and savings on thousands of items throughout the store.