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Harmons Kitchenware Specialist

Harmons Kitchenware Specialist


Quality for the kitchen

Harmons Kitchenware Departments offer a great lineup of high quality brands and fashion to give every level of cook an option for fun and trendy items for the kitchen. Harmons is proud to offer lines such as Cuisinart, Microplane, Bodum, Zyliss, Progressive, Chantal, Tag, Trudeau, Chef'n, Zak and many more.

What got our Kitchenware passion started? A few years ago the question was asked during a team meeting, "Why don't we offer quality products to prepare the quality food we sell?" That was a great question! We got to work enthusiastically putting together the plans for what we know today as our Kitchenware Department. What you will notice right away is the department feels like a store within a store with unique and quality products you won't find in most other grocery stores. Our team has established strong relationships with vendors across the culinary spectrum and are able to bring you newest in innovative and trendy gadgets, utensils, cookware, appliances and more. The wide selection of quality products for your kitchen and home is sure to delight anyone with a passion for cooking or entertaining.

Kitchenware Departments are located within Harmons 7th Street, Station Park, Draper, Bangerter Crossing, Brickyard, City Creek, St. George, and The District stores.

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