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Natural Specialty Foods Manager

Natural Specialty Foods Manager

Natural Specialty Foods

If you are like many consumers in today's hectic world, you feel an increasing need to take control of your own health. One of the biggest health topics that we have complete control over is what we eat and put into our bodies. This often means making new food choices and discovering what you like and works best for your lifestyle.

Harmons Natural Specialty Food departments are committed to providing you with the largest selection for your natural, organic, soy, gluten free, and ethnic food needs and desires. In nearly every food category, from cereal to pasta sauce to frozen foods, you can find a natural or organic representation of everything found in mainline food items.

We have the largest selection of gluten free items across food categories throughout the store. Our dietitians work hard to keep up with the ever growing list of items and collaborate to compile a Gluten Free Store Item List that identifies products by categories such as cereals, canned goods, dairy, ethnic foods, drinks, sauces, and more.

Each store is little bit different in where products live and what is available in some categories such as ethnic foods. In Brickyard, Taylorsville, 7th Street, South Jordan, Orem, St. George, and Draper our natural specialty foods have dedicated aisles and some categories are integrated throughout the store. In all other stores, you will find natural specialty foods integrated right next to their mainline counterpart. And don't forget about your four legged family members - we even carry natural and organic food and supplies for your pets.

Our Natural Specialty Food managers are here to help you navigate the store and help you find specific items or types of foods you are looking for, introduce new items and help educate on how products that fall into the natural specialty food category are labeled.