Harmons Support Office

To Value and Support

Harmons Support Office LobbyOur stores are comprised of amazing associates and managers who do an incredible job at keeping the stores running day-to-day and working hard to exceed customer expectations. From baking bread in our bakeries, preparing fresh entrees in our delicatessen, stocking the shelves in the frozen food coolers to carefully bagging your produce, our 2,700 plus associates and managers are dedicated to making sure you have the best possible shopping experience. As wonderful as our store teams are, they can't do it alone, and we certainly wouldn't expect them to. Our Mission Statement begins, "To value our associates . . . " and showing that value begins with providing support. Support, education, training, guidance, accountability and management is what the 80 associates, directors and executives at the Harmons Support Office strive to provide to our 16 store locations and Floral & Distribution Center. It takes a lot of behind the scenes work to keep our stores running smoothly and success wouldn't be possible without help from our Support Office.

For general information and to be connected to any department within our Support Office, please contact our main number. Please also contact our main number if you need to communicate with someone in Accounting, Advertising, Education & Training, Executive Assistants or Technology.

Phone   (801) 969-8261
Fax      (801) 964-1299

Sales Directors, Merchandisers, Pricing & Scanning
Phone   (801) 963-4611
Fax      (801) 967-6273

People Support Department (HR)
Phone   (801) 957-8497
Fax      (801) 963-0326

Property & Leasing Department
Phone   (801) 967-9773
Fax      (801) 964-8612

Pharmacy Department
Phone   (801) 957-8469
Fax      (801) 964-6923

Risk Management
Phone   (801) 957-8438
Fax      (801) 964-8612