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Ours is a story about real food, real ingredients, and real people. It’s a story about being local and going the extra mile for our customers. That means providing great food with a great experience. We offer unique items in our bakery, Kitchen, produce, and meat departments that you can’t find anywhere else. We sell local products for ultimate freshness and to support our community. We make those specialty, hard-to-find items easy to get. And we take time to turn our associates into food experts. We do all these things because we know our customers are just as passionate about food as we are.

Brickyard Fuel Station Now Open

Fresh-Made Dips and Spreads

Turkey and all the trimmings

All the ingredients you need to whip up the very best holiday meal are just a click away.

Let Us Do the Work

with Chef-Prepared Holiday Sides


Donate at checkout to help provide Thanksgiving dinners to Utah families in need.

Find Your Perfect Party Tray


Cyber Monday


Let Us Eat Local

Local Grant Winners

Spice Up Your Cooking Skills

Let Us Eat Local

Spice Up Your Cooking Skills

Local Grant Winners

We’ve chosen our 2022 Local Development Grant winners, and can’t wait for you to learn more about them!

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